No Monzo emails

A few weeks ago my domain host mucked up my email hosting (meaning anything sent to 95% of my emails were bounced), and i didn’t notice how reduced my emails had become until I got a printed statement from Amex (who said it was because they couldn’t email me as usual). I’ve now fixed the problem, and I’m receiving emails again.

However… I’ve not received anything from Monzo recently, and even if I didn’t get an email about my monthly statement, I’d definitely expect to get something about the interest rate pot going up. This worries me, because if I ever log out and want to log in, would I now get a Monzo magic email??

So, just wondering, does anyone know if Monzo flag your email address as borked, and if so is there a way of resetting this status to non-borked?

What does it show if you check your personal details on the app? Is your email still there or has it been removed?

(I’ve worked with at least one system that will remove emails that don’t work.)

What happens if you try editing your settings and re-entering your email address (even if it’s still showing)? I would hope this would proper the system to send a ‘confirm your address’ email.

At the end of the day, probably you’re going to have to start an in-app chat about it, I suspect.

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You could test this by going to and logging into that. If you get the magic link, all is good. If not, update your email in app (might need to temporarily change it to an alternate alias/email and change it back).


Email is still showing in app. Nothing indicating an issue.

Strangely, that worked. Great thinking.

So I guess I will hang on and see if that has flushed the system(!) and if I get any other non-magic emails from monzo, and if not I’ll contact support.

Thank you both for your help.