No Money Taken?

Hi guys might be a basic question but.
I bought something earlier via 3D secure, the card check came into my monzo and was fine.
It then asked me for fingerprint to authorise the transaction, which I did.

The order went through on the website and got a confirmation email…

No money has been taken ( yet ) and this was only an hour ago, is this normal ? Thanks

Which merchant?

" Novatech "

a reputable computing business

Vistaprint did a similar thing months back iirc

might not bill until dispatch, similar to Sports Direct and Amazon

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From their T&c’s

6. Payment

Payment will not be taken from the consumers Credit/Debit card until all goods ordered are in stock ready for despatch. The contract will be deemed as active once payment has been received by the company.


IT should be in stock.
It said " 1 Left in stock "
SO I phoned up and the guy said they have one left and once it’s gone, it’s gone as they’re discontinuing it.
Also the email states it was " in stock "

Perfectly normal, merchants have two options Auth and then Capture later or Sale which does both and takes the money instantly.

Auth and Capture is usually used for shipping goods where the merchant needs to check the customer has funds then check stock and ship before collecting the money, whilst Sale is good for digital or goods handed in person like buying a coffee at Costa.

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It’s evident they don’t usually charge until it’s boxed up ready to be picked up by the courier.


Ok cool.
Hopefully it’s dispatched tomorrow then :slight_smile:

On the site it says " Active/Pending Authorisation "

Update : all gone through thanks guys

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