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Hi, I ordered myself a moterbike helmet off of this website on Wednesday. When ordering it said payment declined but then it said pending out of my account. I looked online and it said that happens sometime. This morning I went onto my banking app and the money has gone out without a trace… any ideas? I have emailed the company 3 or 4 times now and no response has come through.

Contact Monzo via the app :+1:t4:

Take into consideration that most companies will take a lot longer to respond now given the situation. Do they have a notice about this anywhere on their website?

When did you message them?

Have the company got other ways of contacting them like via phone, Facebook messenger etc.

Contacting Monzo as @Venomx suggested should be a last resort. They always ask you to try and resolve it with the merchant first as the charge back process is very lengthy.

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Is the website still visible? Is it a credible retailer?

I had similar last year, however, despite going to the website from a sponsored ad, it turned out to be a scam site. Thankfully though, I lost no money on that occasion as I think they were just harvesting card numbers. Card blocked and changed.

3 or 4 emails since Wednesday is daily chasing. If they are legit, and having website problems, they may be stuck in the Inbox #positivethinking :grin:


Hi yes I messaged them straight away as it was declined for some reason but pending out of my account

Looks like a Legit website and they have a shop so it should be just abit confusing when I have no confirmation or anything

I understand that you messaged them straight away but how long have you been waiting for a reply?

Have you got a link to the website?

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I have been waiting since Wednesday. The websites called
The reason I’m so concerned is It was pending until yesterday and no it’s no where to be seen on my bank statement

That suggests that they haven’t received your money, and you’re not getting your helmet.

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So only 2 working days then. I wouldn’t say that’s cause for alarm, customer service teams are stretched with the current pandemic. It took me 8 days to hear back from a much larger retailer.

The website certainly doesn’t look dodgy at all, so I don’t think you’ve any cause for concern on that front either.

If you’re still not comfortable, contact Monzo and they’ll likely block your account, issue you a new card and will then start a chargeback process which will take around 3 month :slight_smile:

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Will I be getting my money back though?

If the transaction isn’t showing on your bank account (is it Monzo?) then the money was never sent. By which I mean that it’s as if the transaction didn’t happen.

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I believe it has been taken.

At first he said it was pending, then:

Which on second thought is certainly odd that there’s no feed item or anything :confused:

If the money has been taken from your account balance, have you tried a search in Monzo for the company you spent with to see if it pops up ?
You could maybe also check your account statement to see if it shows on there ?

But then

It was pending until yesterday and no it’s no where to be seen on my bank statement

So my guess (and that is all it is) is that something went awry with the transaction, it got authorised, but the authorisation was cancelled.

Personally, if the website seems legit, I’d give it until Wednesday for them to reply. Then, if the money has gone from the account, ask for a chargeback.


The company exists at the location listed on its website and has a financial charge (so a loan or mortgage) against the company assets by Natwest so should be legit.

I know some independent companies are only working 2 day weeks for online orders, due to being physically closed, so I wonder if this is something similar.


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