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I’ve just selected upgrade for my account to become a current account. However, this has meant that my Monzo account has lost all balance that was in it (which is fairly inconvenient considering I’m a student without much spare money). I’ve also gone onto the current account trial app, which I was a part of, and it says I’m unable to access the app as the trial has expired. What should I do? Does this mean I can’t access the money in that either? If so then I’m very disappointed, I would’ve expected some notice to retrieve my money before it simply vanished. If anyone could help that’d be much appreciated!

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Your money hasn’t vanished. Contact Customer Ops through the in-app chat, they can help you out.

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I’m not completely sure what you’re saying.

If you were on the Current Account preview then the app was withdrawn a few days ago so it’s correct that you won’t have access there. However, as a result, the upgrade from the prepaid programme should be pretty instant which means you’d have access to your combined account data and funds through the prepaid app and can continue to use your debit card.

If you’ve tried the upgrade process and it appears to have stuck halfway through, it may be worht deleting the app and reinstalling it to unblock everything. Force closing and restarting may also be a thing to try before going for the deletion option.

COps are there if everything else hasn’t worked.

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Okay, I’ll wait until I’ve got my current account card before asking about it. Hopefully it’s just the upgrade to the current account isn’t working correctly and reinstalling the app should solve it, but given my balance is currently 0.00 then I’m sure you can understand my confusion. Thanks for the advice though!

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You said you were a part of the current account preview.

If this is true then you already have a debit card and won’t be sent another one (regardless of what the app may have appeared to suggest).

The 0.00 balance has been fixed by the re-install elsewhere on the forum.


As Mike has said, a quick delete and reinstall of the Monzo app will fix the wrong balance being displayed and everything will sync up again.

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