Upgrading account while using the old one


I’ve just upgraded my account to the new ‘proper’ one but I thought I’m still allowed to use the old card before new card arrives. I’ve not tried using it yet so I believe it’s still working but I can’t access the balance or any other screen - every time I open the app it shows me the running card animation and only allows me to confirm the new card’s arrived.

Is there any way of going back to the main screen so I can use my account before I get new card?

Many thanks.

Try to force quit the app? if that doesn’t work, reinstall it. And if that fails, email help@monzo.com and they’ll sort you out!

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This is also correct :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your help! I usually contact them via the app but since it’s not working I decided to post here :slight_smile:

As @caspararemi said have you tried for quitting the app? This generally fixes this issue without needing intervention from support :slight_smile:

The email goes to the same team who reply to the chats, but the forums are only checked periodically and can’t be used for support issues, so while we can give advice, dropping them an email is the best way to get support :slight_smile: Hope you get back in soon!

I had the same issue. Force quitting the app as others have suggested worked for me.

Can I still use my old card? I am abroad and activated my new card but now I’m really worried I won’t be able to use my old card which is the only card I have with me.
Is anyone able to help me with this issue?

I was told that the old card works until you activate the new one. I suggest you contact Monzo COps via in app chat or email help@monzo.com