Help- have 2 accounts and can’t access the bank account


I have a Monzo prepaid account and bank account. PreviouslyI was using the 2 separate apps to access each but now there is only one I can only access the prepaid account and not the bank account.

Can anyone help with this? Need to get rid of Natwest this year!




The current account did merge into the prepaid app. (so only one account) but this should have been triggered by you.

I’d suggest contacting the in app support to check as you should only have one account. Prepaid will be shutting down soon.

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I guess you were an early tester of the current account preview? There should be a banner on your prepaid app to merge the two accounts

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Did that and got it all sorted with my prepaid account balance transferred over instantly :blush:

Thanks for your help!


I didn’t have the banner just the option to upgrade my prepaid to a bank account. The support team suggested to do so and it all instantly merged up, perfect :ok_hand:t2:

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Glad you got it all sorted :grinning:

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