Current Account set up

(Ashlee King) #1

Unfortunately the app won’t complete the transfer to the current account and just goes to a blank screen. I am
Very worried as the account is showing that I have £0 which is incorrect. Please someone help

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try rebooting your phone ?


Hey it’s best to get in touch with COops via in-app chat or email them.

You can try killing apps and restarting them


The email for COps is I if you need it.

(Caspar) #5

The £0 balance is probably because it’s reading the Pre-Pay account balance but it should be reading your Current Account balance but it’s getting stuck in the process of updating. They posted on the forum that they’re going to be very busy this weekend but a message on the chat or by email should get an answer before too long.
If you try to use your card and it is rejected, give them a call on the number on the back of the CA card (numbers are also at the bottom here )


It is still asking you to finish setting up your current account (the blue words at the bottom). It looks like it’s transferred your money to the current account but you didn’t finish the switch so the app is looking at the prepaid account. You need to contact support.


I have the same problem.
I’ve sent COps a message, but no reply yet.

Quitting the app, and rebooting my phone haven’t solved it

(David Roberts) #8

I had this issue yesterday and the following fixed it (via chat through the app)

Force quit the app, then go to settings on the iPhone and scroll down to Monzo, then under Monzo Settings toggle the Reset Session switch, then relaunch the app (you will need to log in again)


Nice one, David. I had same problem and it this has sorted it my end too. Thanks for sharing.

(Luke Moran) #10

I can’t seem to finish setting up my new current account. Every time I click the link at the bottom of the screen I’m brought to a black, blank screen that does not change. Just though I’d point this out.

(Hugh) #11

Hey @lukemoran

That’s really weird. Have you tried force quitting the app and restarting the phone?
If that does work I suggest you get in touch with COps who will be able to advise further :slight_smile:

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same problem in this thread - exactly the same screens as yours - and possibly solution from David

(Edward Wilde) #13

Perfect, fixed the problem for me as well.

(Luke Moran) #14

That worked for me to, thanks!