No bench?

(Yazin) #1

Hello, I just received my card 2 days ago from Tom at a meetup. I followed the instructions that came with the card:

  1. Download the Monzo app on Android or iPhone (I have an Android)
  2. Follow the steps until you get to the screen with a figure on a bench
  3. Swipe 3 fingers horizontally across the screen to activate the card

I don’t see a screen with a bench?

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this page ?

(Yazin) #3

I think I know what’s going on. The email I used to sign up with had already been assigned a Monzo card, so that’s why I couldn’t activate the one I have in hand.

Also, due to another issue with the Monzo app where I can’t receive SMS verifications, I’m unable to claim the card :frowning: I’ve emailed

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sounds like you have already got a monzo card ?

you can always give it to somebody else and get them to go through the same process ?