E-mail says card ready, app says at back of queue


Hey guys,

I’ve initially signed up directly through the app and got my position at the end of the queue. A friend then told me about signing up through MoneySavingExpert. I put my e-mail on there and then received an e-mail saying my card is ready, but the app still says I’m in the queue. I’m not sure which one to go by… I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but still the same.

Any help would be appreciated.

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you could try emailing Monzo at help@monzo.com or reaching out to them on twitter @monzo and ask the question to customer support -I am sure they will sort you out

(Bob) #3

If you’re using an iPhone:

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I think thats only if you have a card already Bob that hasn’t been activated - i.e. when Monzo sends out two cards to one customer by mistake, or you are given a card at a presentation by Monzo and need to activate it :slight_smile:

(Bob) #5

Oops, somehow I imagined @Hiccup2410 already had the card :blush:

So when it arrives on Friday, just follow @alexs’ instructions … :grinning:


Thanks for responding. :slight_smile:

The e-mail says that to claim the card I need to make an initial top-up, but I can’t.

I’ll try e-mailing customer support.

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from Monzos twitter feed just now -

Monzo‏Verified account @monzo 2m2 minutes ago

Hey there, we’re currently having a few problems that our engineering team are trying to fix - card activations are down! :pensive:

Patience called for I think

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Do you just want a golden ticket? It’ll move the account to the top. Saves waiting for a reply. Just drop me a message

(Bob) #9

@Hiccup2410: Top ups are now working… might be worth another try.

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If you could message me a link or directly email at: tuquangc7@hotmail.co.uk that would be great