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I have already got a card from attending a MONZO event after having created an account and been in the queue. However, when I sign in I am prompted to top up in other to get a MONZO card sent out. Any idea how I can overcome this, activate and top up the card I already have? Help please!

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Assuming you haven’t yet topped up and activated your existing card, just top up your £100 and activate the card you already have, at which point it will be assigned to your account with a balance of £100.


I take it the card activation step is post top-up. How long will it take for me to be able to use the card if I initiate the process right now? Thanks in advance.

(Marcel W.) #5

If you have the card just top up your account as @BobT said. Afterwards you can click card arrived and you can then type in the details of your card. Maybe worth to drop or in-app chat a message to tell them that you already got a card :wink:


Thanks for all your help so far @BobT, @marcel_w. I have topped up. I am now presented with a screen.

  • Your Monzo Card Is On Its Way
  • Woo! We've received your initial top up and just sent your Monzo Card to:....
    Only problem is, I can not bypass this screen as that is what i am presented with even after relaunching the Monzo App.

(Bob) #8

It took a few hours for me to get the ‘card arrived’ button. My card arrived next morning, so once you get passed ‘card arrived’ you’ll be able to activate it and start using it.

(Marcel W.) #9

Wait a couple hours. I toped up and a while later I could have seid I got my card. Also drop an email. They will be able assist better as they probably can skip the screen for you.


Thanks @marcel_w, will drop them an email.

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