App Updates Slowing Down

Is it just me, or does it seem the app updates are slowing down of late?

I joined in October last year and there was a flurry of updates weekly with tangible changes to the app experience and functionality. New big changes like shared tabs, sending money via text, custom budgeting periods, locked pots etc.

Recently there are fewer app updates and some of the above changes have been left without further polish.

Not sure if my perspective is off or if there’s been a slowdown as their their focus shifts to business accounts and / or profitibility.

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I think there’s a lot of stuff going on in the background. Monzo are ramping up staffing, business accounts, Monzo Plus and lots more. Take a look at Making Monzo if you want to see what’s being worked on.

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Yeah, I keep a close eye out on Making Monzo to see what’s coming up.

You’re probably right about a lot happening in the background, which could explain my main point. There seems to be a bit of a drought when it comes to app updates at the moment.

Or… maybe version 3.0.0 is about it be released :smiley:

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I understand your concerns, and I was thinking the same thing this morning.

There haven’t been many updates or features with the pizzazz that I remember before.

I’m looking forward to international inbound transfers and whatever Monzo Plus has to offer!

iOS wise, app releases are roughly fortnightly for the past few months. There have been a few features pushed in-app too (Custom Images on Pots for example).

Guess as Monzo expands they are finding the balance, maybe slowing things down to get that polish is worth it?

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Hopefully a bit of polish is coming! There’s definitely some aspects to the app that have been released that are in need of some polishing. Summary tab and custom budgeting periods being two off the top of my head. It’s not clear when the payees tab is getting its reshuffle.

I’m looking forward to custom pot images coming to Android and I think they’ve announced they’re going to be rolled out soon like with iOS.

Flux was an impressive integration, but is largely irrelevant to me at the moment (I don’t go to KFC and live in Newcastle/Gateshead, so a lot of retailers aren’t near me). As more retailers come on board this’ll be fun to see develop.

Amex integration and ISAs are two updates that seem to be imminent from the Monzo staff forum posts.

So I’m hoping there’s some of these updates come soon. I’ve recently opened a cashback Amex card and have come into some money so am waiting to see what the ISA offerings are now savings pots are suspended.

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This is a big thing too. I’m not entirely sure of the backend app but I feel like the developers can enable/disable features without pushing an app update.

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