App not updating

Hi, I installed the latest app via the Apple App Store this morning but the interface and features have not changed. I uninstalled the app and installed again. It says in using the latest version but it’s clearly not. My friend has successfully updated and hers has changed to the latest interface and features. Anyone else experienced this? Or any ideas how I can resolve it? Thanks


Hello :wave:

It’s being rolled out slowly. Sit tight it will update soon!

Thanks. It told me it was ready to be updated and my friend has the same phone and managed to update successfully. Says I am running 3.0 when it clearly isn’t. Is there something wrong here? Thanks for your quick response


So the long answer is Monzo use flags (like switches) to turn things on and off. Despite being on the right version of the app, your ‘switch’ is still off and will be turned on soon. The roll out is staged like this to make sure that it can be stopped should a massive dealbreaking bug be found or to allow other departments like Customer Support to deal with any queries the new feature will bring in a controlled manner.

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Thanks :pray: I will wait patiently and look forward to the update :slight_smile:


Down to the last million of the three million so you should be sorted by Friday at the latest

You will not need to update further - when the time comes they will change it their end and you will open the app to find the new layout


Or you could go to Monzo labs and turn it on yourself

Think Labs is now off after the latest update.

Labs is still there. Just can’t turn on new navigation.

This is what I meant! I’m full of flu, it appears to be hindering my typing.

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Did not know that, my mistake

They did this for Android Users too… :slight_smile:

My app hasn’t upgraded either despite saying it’s on version 3.0

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Hello :wave:

Are you a new customer? You may have already had the new layout as Monzo trialled it with some new sign ups.


No I’m not a new customer. I’ve been with Monzo since March/April. My other half also uses monzo and his app was upgraded on Wednesday.

Ah ok.

@bruno still a few left to switch on?

Just to add…I was advised to uninstall and reinstall the app, to no avail.

Ok. I would imagine it just hasn’t been turned on for you yet. It’s a staged rollout.

I would contact Monzo again if it isn’t with you by the early part of next week.


Bit of a shambles really! My wife has new interface and doesn’t understand it! I can’t help her 'cause mine is still stuck on the old one, despite being a beta tester. Is there a definitive date for roll out?