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I know this is the switch thread, but probably not worth starting a new one for DS…

I’ve got a 2DS XL coming my way. Not really sure what to expect after the switch - big step down?

It also is coming without games… What should I start with, what are the must-play titles?!

I would say so.

Was a great console for it’s time though, and had some good games. But the DS, like all Nintendo’s handhelds wind up by the end of its life as being nothing more than a Pokémon machine for me.

Some notable 3DS games I’ve played and loved though:

  • Animal Crossing New Leaf
  • Mario Kart 7
  • Luigi’s Mansion
  • Detective Pikachu
  • Pokémon (ultra) sun/moon still my favourite main series generation.

This is probably a good place to start for the must plays:

A few Zelda games on the 3DS/2DS that were very highly praised, and if you’re into Zelda games you’ll probably love em. Having played breath of the wild (my first Zelda game) these are probably the games I’d go back to the DS for to play. Assuming the consistent critical acclaim of the series isn’t just nostalgia, and is worth every bit that breath of the wild was, then I’ve missed out on some gems!

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Anyone else pick up the new Pokémon games on Friday?

I’m a bit disappointed with these. The art style is pretty great, but everything else is extremely faithful to the remakes so they feel and play like 10 year old hand held games just with a new coat of paint.

The gameplay, moving around, interacting with stuff feels so clunky. I’m just not vibing with this game at all compared to the other switch outings. It’s a step backwards in many ways because it’s also missing most of the quality of life improvements they’ve added over the years. This is the first switch Pokémon game where trying to fill the Pokédex feels like a chore. This might be the first I don’t end up completing.

It also brings back the memories I had when I was younger and would often get stuck in various parts of the game because it wasn’t clear what I was meant to do next or where to go next. That’s still a problem here as well.

Not enjoying this game very much at all. A first for me with Pokémon. :frowning:

I’ve started Luigi’s Mansion and enjoying a lot. Unfortunately, the device keeps freezing. Almost certainly a hardware issue. I will have to open up and tinker… Hazard of old products, I suppose!

Majora is still around £40 though… Seems pricey for a game on a console they don’t even make anymore!

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Indeed, but this tends to be what happens to Nintendo games of old discontinued consoles. Especially ones without remakes or sequels. There are GameCube games that go for up to £300 these days, possibly even more.

See this is why I am loving it. I prefer a harder game - my memories of Pokemon Red/Blue are the difficulty, the time it took to complete and the satisfaction that came with it, and while I understand the changes made over time, I wish there was a way to remove them.

I like being lost, I like that Pokemon aren’t so easy to find. I’m so old school that given the option I would revert to only those Pokemon who fight gain EXP!

The graphics I prefer too - true, they are more childish, but I don’t mind that. It’s a cute factor that has throwbacks to the original graphic style - the Switch games had started to go more Digimon in style.

TBF, I think the point and aim of these is to be a 10 year old game with a lick of paint - so they have done a good job IMO.

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See, I wouldn’t describe it as harder, just more annoying. I beat the first gym with just my Chimchar, which is the worst way to approach that gym, but that’s the sort of thing that adds challenge to me. It’s definitely less hand holding, and I love that about the older games, but these games make a mess of it to me.

If these were more open world, I’d agree with you! Would have been awesome to have been able to get lost in the sword and shield open world areas, but despite being open world areas, there was still a linear progression to them, so was hard to get lost. The second DLC came so close though, and I’m hoping for more of that in Legend’s Arceus.

I’m really not liking that bit at all. I think for me it’s a case of once you’ve had overworld spawns, stepping back to the old ways is a huge frustration. Were spawn rates always this slow when encounters were hidden? Because it feels like I’m running through the tall grass forever before I find something!

Now this I would have loved! Experience sharing makes my team level up too fast, and it lessens how much I get to play with and enjoy using all the different Pokémon on my team.

I love the art style, not so much the camera angles that go with it, or whatever it is that makes them feel Clunky. It’s absurd how clunky these feel to play compared to the let’s go games, which were very similar in the graphics, but never felt clunky to play.

If that’s the goal, then they’ve succeeded. I think I would have just preferred something a little more fresh on top of it just to modernise how the gameplay loop feels a bit.

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I’m enjoying Brilliant Diamond, but I suspect it’s mainly my nostalgia for the original at play.

Honestly, I think I’d have preferred a remake more in line with Sword and Shield, like HG/SS and OR/AS were for Gen 4 and Gen 6. Hopefully Legends Arceus scratches that itch.

That said, the soundtrack is wall to wall bangers.

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I’ve started playing Mario Kart quite a bit again recently. Still longing for a sequel, but it’s still a fun game, and my hiatus has reinvigorated my love for it.

Anyone else play?

I bought a switch just for breath of the wild 3 months ago, just up to where you go to the main castle and fight Ganon, haven’t played it in 2 month :joy:

I need Mario kart and Mario party to play others (I’m naff at all games)

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Please! :pray:


I still haven’t fought ganon and I’m like 120 hours into the game. I only have two temple things left to find (and I have searched everywhere), I have all the armour, I have slaughtered so many lionels they are basically cattle at this point. I just have an aversion to actually finishing it :smiley:


I’ve just switched off from it, OH is always on it playing Pokemon or something :joy:

Me! I love Mario Kart. We have a little weekly tournament with some guys at work.


That’s awesome!

I’ve been trying to get sessions going again with my group with little success. In a world of live services and seasons I think we really need that sequel to reinvigorate everyone’s love for the game! We’re mostly Fortnite exclusive these days but just lost one to the new LoL season.

I’m ageing so my Mario kart prowess is not what it once was, but if you’re ever in the mood to lose, drop me a message and I’ll share my friend code. :wink:


A gameplay overview trailer just dropped today for Pokémon Legends Arceus. Looks like there’s been a lot of graphical polish between the announcement and now. The game looks great and I can’t wait!