Monzo premium card no longer accepted by Nintendo eShop

Hi all
Anyone had a similar problem? I upgraded to premium but now the eShop doesn’t accept the payment method and gives me an error: 2813-5905
I’ve spoken to both monzo and Nintendo about it but monzo say they can’t see any issues from their end as no payment was attempted (all I try to do is add the new card details).
Nintendo have only replied once and have since been radio silent.
Just wanted to find out if any of you have experienced something similar recently and if it’s related to the new card or not.

I’ve used a virtual card a couple of times at the Nintendo e shop

I’ve tried adding a virtual card also and that’s not been accepted either. Same error as the premium card… are you using standard monzo or plus/premium?

Monzo Plus, virtual cards are only on the paid tiers.

Last payment to them was 13th November

Sounds like Nintendo are having an issue. Have you tried just today or has this been a problem for a while?

Been an issue at least since the 23rd November

It’s probably Nintendo haven’t updated their system to accept the start digits of the premium card.

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Not the same error code but does it help?

Gambling block? Nintendo refused my Monzo card with gambling on…

Out of interest, what is the first 6 digits of the card number (the BIN/IIN): it might be from a new or reallocated range Monzo are using which aren’t in Nintendo’s card validation database.

My Plus and standard cards are 5355 22, my Plus virtual cards start 5168 59 (which appears on at least one database as being PJSC JSB UKRGASBANK in the Ukraine).

Just tried it again today and now it accepted it.
Maybe Nintendo just started accepting it? Anyway thanks for your suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

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They are 5357 78

Checking the latest Mastercard BIN table, that range is allocated to Monzo as a World Elite Debit MasterCard from GBR. However, a couple of databases appear to have it down as a “no-issuing bank” Debit Mastercaqrd in the US: which I would assume means this is a relatively new range (and that the information from those databases is “the default”) and my guessing is Nintendo, or their payment processor, isn’t yet “aware” of that range.

I’m not a payment processing expert, I’ve got no idea how long it takes a BIN range to normally circulate and I’ve got no idea when this range was issued by Mastercard to Monzo: but I’ve seen this occurrence before with “fintech” cards (and, IIRC, once with “traditional banks” - when Lloyds took over TSB there was a small issue with cards: shows how long ago that was :wink: )

Glad it’s sorted! I suspect it was just a DB update needed at their end.

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It’s supposed to be daily, but well, every couple of months Mastercard issue a bulletin which is essentially