Looking to buy Splatoon 2 for the switch but according to the internet it is out of stock in the next town and the next city :frowning:
I find this hard to believe as it’s such a popular game

Is there a chance it could still be in stock but they haven’t updated the website at all ? Asking because I dont want to travel all the way there just to see its out of stock

Obviously i’d phone them up but I cannot find the local number for the store, just the national one

The chances of you finding someone who works at your local CEX on here are slim to none. When you don’t even mention the town that then makes it impossible.

Other than that, I’m not sure what you’re asking from everyone on here?



I’m asking if its likely that even though the internet says its out of stock, could it still be in there ? Never really used CEX before so dont know how accurate the stock checker is

Nobody can tell you with any certainty unless they work at your local store :see_no_evil: Therefore re-read what I said before and you’ll understand why it’s difficult/impossible to help.

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I dont need a staff members input.
Other people on here must surely have used CEX before and will know how accurate the stock checker is, in their opinion/experience

You’re missing the point entirely.

You’re only ever going to get mixed opinions and none from the store you want to know about. The only way you’re going to get an answer for certain is by phoning the store or visiting.

Even if someone said there is a possibility you have to contact your local store and there’s a chance it won’t be there. Either way, if you really want the game - you have to go to the store to find out.


Ok dude fair enough

Any idea why i cannot get the local phone number for the store im looking for ? I called the number on google but it just cuts me off and is only a national number

Just buy it on the Switch eShop.

He doesn’t have good experiences with delivery companies. Look at all his past topics :see_no_evil:

What is your local store and what number have you called?

I have games to trade in to get some money off, the cash you get is minimal but the voucher credit is a decent amount

Two seconds of google found this:


It’s digital download

Ahh my bad. Missed the ‘e’ part

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Well i’ll pop down there tomorrow then and see. I just find it very hard to believe that such a popular game isn’t in stock anywhere around here

Isn’t the clue in what you’ve said?

If it’s very popular it isn’t going to be in stock anywhere because people will be buying them all because it’s popular :confused:


If theres a high demand surely theres a high supply ?

Yes. There is a chance. Sadly, no one will know what the percentage chance is. And even if they did, how would it help an individual to make an informed decision on whether a particular item exists at a particular location at a particular time?

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From a second hand shop? Unlikely.

If it’s popular why would people want to get rid of it?


then people will have bought them all, so there won’t be any left.


They sell new products too