Investment shows in Monzo app but not on crowdcube?

As per the title - should we be able to see the investment in crowdcube or will it take a while yet?



I imagine if it does show up it won’t until you get the email from Crowdcube stating it’s all gone through.

still waiting for my email too!

Same here, it did say it would be a week or two if I remember correctly.

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Still waiting here also - guessing that they haven’t rolled the emails out yet?

Will take ages. On a good day Crowdcube take around 2-3 weeks to process payments. Nevermind issuing any certification.

Yeah, should be in the next week or so :slight_smile: There’s a bunch of stuff behind the scenes that has to happen!


Previous Crowdcube things have taken a while. The nice thing through Monzo at least the money has been taken up front.

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Yeah I much prefer it this way (and the way Seedrs do it), especially around Xmas there’s been a few promising investments on Crowdcube and they’re all coming out this month, despite being listed for ages!

This was what I was told.

After the crowdfunding ends on December 12th, Monzo will send a list to Crowdcube with names and email addresses of all investors. Monzo will issue a share certificate to Crowdcube Nominees. Investors who are already Crowdcube users will be prompted to login to their account to claim their beneficial ownership statements. Investors who don’t have a Crowdcube account will be prompted to create an account. Crowdcube will communicate with customers by the email they used to signup to Monzo with. Crowdcube will aim to contact everyone by the end of the year.


Just be patient :slight_smile:

Finally got the email from Crowdcube.

Still waiting on mine. Little worried tbf

Don’t be, they have a lot to send


That’s what I was thinking. Do you know how I get my Monzo Community badge by any chance?

Message @cookywook

My wife got hers yesterday but I’m still waiting- maybe Deborah being before Peter is the reason…

Also make sure you use the same email on the forum as you do to sign into monzo.

Thanks Jack, both are linked. Probably like Peter said, might be done alphabetically either first or last name, which would put me quite far down the list.

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Received it today actually!