The Loop Investor Update 📬

Just got an email from Monzo :smiley:

Looks like an investor specific mailer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello from Monzo! As one of our crowdfunding investors, we wanted to make sure you’re always aware of what we’re up to. So we’ll send you an update every quarter to keep you… in the loop!

We’re expecting to see one each quarter, should be good :sunglasses:

I shan’t paste the entire email but I’ll drop the headlines below :tada:

  • We’re working on business accounts
  • We’re kicking off a large-scale marketing campaign
  • We’ve got a new chairman

There’s a breakdown of the numbers (Share price, new customers, spent through Monzo, Monzo employees)

£1,438,686,395 was spent on Monzo cards in Q1, which is an increase of 14% since Q4

:boom: That’s a super impressive figure :sunglasses:


First comment I’m going to say is I feel like I know more about Monzo and the state of the Business more from reading this forum than the email.
But its good to have things summarised


Engine Creative being the outside ad/marketing help is interesting. Will have to look at what stuff they’ve been involved with.

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A Monzo share is now worth £7.71

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Excited for this !

" Investival 2019

This summer we’ll be hosting our very first investors community event in London. It’ll be a day long affair with talks, demos and Q+A plus lots of time to meet and mingle with the Monzo team!"


Really liked this! What do people hope for from the AGM style event?

Unless it is “exceptional circumstances” and you require £12 on that other thread…


Same as when the last round happened…

Glad you’re excited :slight_smile:

It’s gonna be a fun event!


Am I reading it right? A whole day? Conference style?


Actually might make the trip over from belfast for it! :blush:

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Was this in the email, only I can’t see it for looking :joy:

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The copy in my email is slightly different. At the bottom under “Get Involved!” it says:

But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait three months to hear from us again. We’re excited to announce that we’re holding our first ever investor event in June. It’s an event where you can hear about what we’re up to do, and meet your fellow investors.

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Got it, cheers!!

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Where’s that from, Tom? I can’t see it in my email…

near the bottom of the email -

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Yeah on the google form linked in the email :slight_smile:


Ah ha! Thanks muchly :+1::blush:

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Have added myself to the waitlist at lunchtime while reading the email. Hoping I get called upon to have the chance to attend

I forgot I turned off marketing emails :joy: I looked soo hard to find this email!