Crowdfunding email

Just an FYI - Crowdcube are in the process of sending their emails for the recent crowdfunding round. The process of claiming your shares/account is pretty straightforward and you can get your certificate of ownership straight away.


BTW it went into my promotions tab of Gmail, just as FYI

I’m hoping they’ll let me switch them to another email account - just realised by Crowdcube is on a diff email!

Yep, you’ll be able to link everything together :slight_smile:

I’ve not had any email yet, nor is the investment showing in my Crowdcube portfolio


The unique page the email takes you to allows you to login with an existing account to link them over. You should be alright @anon99402360 @anon72173902

So you can thanks!

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Just FYI Crowdcube should be sending emails out over the next few days. No need to worry if you have not received anything today.

Also as mentioned above the emails will be sent to the email address used by your Monzo account and you should be able to claim your investment with your existing Crowdcube account if you follow the instructions in the email.


Looking forward to receiving my email! Thanks @daniel.cannon

Got mine and that shows up in the Crowdcube app:

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Mine also went into the promotions tab in Gmail .
Simple to add to existing crowdcube account.

I noticed it says 19.9m out of 20m is that because some people got theirs taken away like people from the channel Islands?

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So, if we don’t have an existing CC account, we will be prompted to make one with receipt of the email?

haven’t receive my email yet. :frowning:

Yes, it seems so, as I was today as a CC newbie

Options were login with Facebook/Google/AN Other or email address and password

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Yep, Crowdcube should let you create a new account to claim your investment.

Was very simply for me and also went into that category on gmail for me

Can confirm, anyone using may receive this email in the Junk folder.

My email address is and it arrived fine in my inbox on the ‘Other’ tab.