Monzo The Loop (Q1 2020)

For those that got it, what were your thoughts?


Here’s my initial reaction;

The fact it says each Monzo share is currently worth £13.02… that’s a very healthy (albeit currently unrealised) return on the price I paid for mine!


The info on Monzo USA stating that their key focus to drive interest is going to be a focus on pots and budgeting tools sounds good. Hopefully the work or that will be part of the work to improve budgeting over here, too.


This did intrigue me as I would say early Q1 was before the middle of Feb which is fast approaching

It turns out that ‘early Q1’ timeframe was reportedly a typo, and the real timeframe would be published when known. :man_shrugging:

Where did you see this?



:point_up: there - thanks @neovo!

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Not an ideal mistake. Though I wonder how accurate it is. Implies it will be released very soon even of not early Q1

I’d take that as; We’ll let everyone know when we’re ready to let everyone know.

I personally don’t, from experience, read any timescales into that - either close, distant or :soon:

So Monzo now has £1.2billion in deposits - I think it was £438 million in the last financial results so it’s tripled deposits not bad ?


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