Multiple Cards, One Account

Sharing mondo with a friend of mine who has children, they asked if you could have multiple cards controlled by one account. They were always conscious about giving their children cash incase they lost it and would like to give them a card like Mondo’s where they can top it up with certain amounts and freeze it of their child lost it. Of course the child is too young (under 18) for their own account, that’s why their cards would be connected to their parents account(s).


I saw this earlier today:

I think this is an excellent idea - as a Headteacher I’d love to see these sort of things available for children.

GoHenry and Osper have been doing this kind of thing for a while. Happier the kids having their own money - teaches them to think before wanting something.

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Agree with you @andrewmoore but this is Mondo and I’m backing them so I’m they’d do it better! :wink:

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On a slightly different note, I’d like to have two mondo cards for myself. I went traveling recently and had my card (for a different bank, luckily :wink: ) stolen. Since I was traveling, there was no way the bank could send me a new card until I got home. I deactivated the card immediately, but then was left without access to that account and had to use a different bank for the remainder of the trip. It’d be nice to have a spare Mondo card for just such incidents. If a card was stolen or lost, I could easily deactivate it and continue using the spare.


This is a killer feature. Having all members of a household on the same account but with separate cards would be very convenient.


This is an absolutely essential feature if I were to use Monzo as my main bank. If this existed now, I would be transferring most of my salary into Monzo when I am paid.

As it is, I use one account only for online payments and do not take the card with me anywhere (it stays locked up at home) in case I lose my wallet. The idea being that I don’t have to reenter my card details into everything I pay for online if I lose my wallet. It also functions as some protection against card details I use online being leaked in a security breach as sites do not have the details to be able to use my main card.

If Monzo had a second car feature and I could limit the spending on the second card to a fixed maximum, that would be great as I could do away with the other card I use. I would then consolidate everything into one place: I’d use Monzo for everything, with my bank account just being used for the odd direct debit and to receive my salary (would also do this via Monzo if I had a sort code and account number and, there wasn’t a £1000 limit on monthly cash withdrawals as another thread suggests).

I’m really excited about Monzo but, not being able to have a second card number, even if it was just a completely separate second account in my name, limits how much I use it and, because I don’t use it online, it means most of my money stays in a bank account and, therefore means I need to keep topping up Monzo.


I think this is a great idea - would love to see this happen. I currently use Osper for my son but the app experience is torture - and it fails in its primary mission of making it easy for children to learn and track their spend.

Mono already supports an ability to wire cash to your friends (on Monzo) so all they would really need is either a way to support account linking (so parents could see their children’s accounts) OR provide a means for an account holder to create a new card with a different name on it (and transactions/balances for that card to be silo’d.

Osper charge for this, so I totally don’t have an issue with this functionality incurring a one-time charge as well.

This would be very useful. We have a letting house and would be good to put all income and expense on a single card. Accounts would almost write themselves.

and Soldo also do the same thing

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Think this is a great idea, but it would be harder to keep on top of your account so you would have to be careful

This would be a great idea and would be VERY useful in my house

I would love this too.

I had an ATM machine swallow my card without any warning while I was travelling in Laos. Life would have been a lot easier if I’d simply had a spare card with me.

Hi There,

Come on Monzo. Catch up a bit. I am currently trying out some of the ‘newwave’ (80’s heavy metal reference :slight_smile: ). It was easy for me to get a second card for my ‘Revolut’ account.

My 10 year old son gets the 2nd card. I can control this second card in much the same way as I can control my Monzo card. But I can set it up with different controls than my card. So his has internet transaction turned off but mine is turned on.



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Fantastic Idea !!!

I’ve got two kids and would love to be give them a cash card each on an account I can control. That way they’ve got access to money when they need it but Dad still has control.

Once apple pay and android pay comes along a replacement card in the app should be available to be used immediately once the old card is stopped and replaced for any reason.

Can i have 2 cards monzo with the same account? Or 2 different accounts in the same app?

No and no at the moment I think.

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Hey Livia, I’m afraid not! Can you share some details about why you’d want multiple cards or multiple accounts?