So You've Just Signed Up to Monzo, What Next? Tips 💡 (open Wiki)

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There’s already lots of useful information that new :monzo: users might want to know in this community but it can be tricky to find. So this Wiki (which anyone can edit) has been created so that users can share tips with the latest Monzonaughts.

All artwork in this post by Monzonaught

Looking for more info about the current accounts / debit cards?

Here’s a summary -

Want to know which features will be added next?

View the Monzo product roadmap here.

The Sneak Peaks category is where you’ll find previews of upcoming features, from Monzo -

Android users - Monzo is aiming to add all iOS features to the Android app :soon:

Want to know more about existing features / using Monzo?

Check out the Monzo blog -

Have an idea for a new feature?

Before you post your request, take a look at this list of popular feature ideas & what Monzo’s feedback has been -

Looking for a feature / a feature’s not working

Check this troubleshooting advice -

Have a question?

Search this community, to see if it’s been asked already but don’t worry if you end up posting the same question again :slight_smile:

If you’re a developer

Build an app or an integration like these, using the Monzo API.

Join the Slack community

(Join #community for mostly Monzo related chat, #api for discussion related to the Monzo api & development only, #tech for mostly non-Monzo tech chat, #android for chat about the Android app) & #monzo-swift for the iOS app.

Still not sure about Monzo?

See what other users have been saying about Monzo -

Twitter user?

Follow the Monzo team -

Want to go to a :monzo: event?

Upcoming events are listed here

Presentations from old events are here

If you’ve received your card on / just before the 1st of the month

  • Make sure you buy something before the 2nd so that you unlock the pulse graph in a month’s time, otherwise you’ll have to wait an extra month.

Looking for news about Monzo / thinking of investing?

Search for :newspaper: to find news stories about Monzo

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