Using Monzo for 6 months, for what it's worth some ideas

(James Ellis) #1

Passcode/fingerprint recognition - can’t believe this still isn’t there (for android users anyway)

FX rates to 4dp, the same presentation as in currency exchanges. The transparency of this would be appreciated

Payment of interest - if you want people to use monzo as their primary account this is only fair

Be able to turn off push notifications just for contactless. I effectiveley get contactless notification immediately from the merchant. Don’t need it twice

Notification/widget which would show current balance? Going into the app to check balance is a faff

Be able to buy and store different currencies. This is something revolut do and I’d really appreciate it, the ability to buy currency in advance of going on holiday while rates are good (for example) would be excellent. Also this could lead into receiving and sending money in dollar, euro etc…

Be able to delete recent payees, I have some one off payees who I won’t be using again. At the moment I don’t seem to be able to remove them. Also could there be the option to ‘hide’ payees that aren’t used very often as the payee screen gets cluttered.

Ability to add longer payee and payment descriptions for (monzo to monzo) transfers

see which transactions were made via contactless

Put sharing of account details in the ‘payments’ part of the app. At the moment it seems buried away in the account section.

I know there is some discussion on categories, but for me sub categories is important. For example home with sub category of energy bills would ideal.

(Eve) #2

I can do this on my iPhone!

Would love sub categories too, but at the moment how some of us work around it and find transactions quickly is by tagging it with an emoji. I tag all my coffees with :coffee: and you could probably do the same with :bulb: or something

(James Ellis) #3

That’s interesting (widget/notification point). This leads into a whole other conversation about the android app being behind the iPhone app…which is a bit of a bugbear!


The top was was mentioned here: :slight_smile:

To come in March

Adding fingerprint unlock to Android :point_up_2:

We know a lot of you would like to have an extra level of privacy, so we’ll be adding the ability to >unlock the Android app using your fingerprint.

This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to use your fingerprint to authorise payments you make through your app (though this is something we want to add in the future!) But, if you want, you can use it to make sure only you are able to unlock your app.

:white_check_mark: Agree on push notifications for contactless

I think a widget to show current balance would be a wasted investment of time at this stage, I’m definitely ok taking the one tap to open the app to see mine, and would prefer others with my phone not to see an ‘at a glance’ widget.

I personally would use a different service for different currencies.

:white_check_mark: recent payees and longer descriptions

(Gareth) #5

Literally came out in the last day or so (edit at least in beta, so rolls out to all soon or join beta in the play store)

FX matches the MasterCard rate, is that given to 4dp?

Search for the marketplace beta in the forum for how that will be tackled

Duplicates by the merchant? Or Apple/Google Pay?

They are aware of this limitation, and plan to fix :slight_smile:

More information will be visible in the transaction detail (Inc contactless) in the future (mentioned somewhere on here)

(James Ellis) #6

The screenshot @evangelskies posted is exactly what i meant, now monzo just on need to get it on android.

(James Ellis) #7

My issue with push notifications is that when I’m in a store and hold my card up to the contactless payment reader I get a satisfying beep and confirmation from the merchant that it’s gone through. I don’t then need another notification from monzo which I just end up immediately cancelling. The ability to turn off monzo push notifications for contactless payments would solve this.

With regards to the FX rate, whenever I’ve made a foreign currency transaction in monzo it’s given me FX rates to 2dp. Why not give it to 4dp, which would be better for transparency and also consistent with the rates your are quoted by the post office etc


Ah ok, I see.

I would actually not like that - it pushes money to the front of my mind anytime I am interacting with my phone. I prefer the current notification system to remind when actively doing something that costs money, and the ability to go into the app when I want to, than a constant reminder of by bank account balance.

I can see how others may not feel the same way.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #9

I got a pesky push notification on my phone having bought some drinks in a bar , sat down and drank the drinks , my partner then went up to get drinks , same round , same contactless notification in app , different amounts , talked to bar staff got refund for difference - glad I got a push notification :slight_smile:

(Gareth) #10

I think the argument against it would be if you got the notification from Monzo when you are not in a shop (i.e. card stolen without you realising, thief uses contactless). But I’m in agreement for more granular control, so I won’t argue.

(James Ellis) #11

Exactly @garete, it would be up to the individual user. At the moment in the app there is only the option to disable all push notifications, would be good to have the additional option to only disable contactless push notifications.

@rolanddeschain - a widget/ notification bar that @evangelskies screenshot is clearly present on iPhone and I hope one that is coming to android


And I hope it is not :wink:

This is something I would support time being spent on.

(Eve) #13

I only put on the widget to show you, I personally don’t want my balance shown and by the time I scroll to it it would be quicker to do a single tap and open the app itself. But I’m guessing Android has a different layout and it gets put on the home screen directly? Maybe that’s why Monzo hasn’t done a widget

(Nick) #14

I wouldn’t want to turn contactless notifications off. Sure, the merchant can confirm they’ve taken my money, but - as iansilversides notes - the notification confirms they’ve taken the correct amount! It’s also useful when you get the contactless notification before the slow POS device the merchant is using catches up.

But, most important, if my card (or card details) end up being stolen or cloned, those push notifications are my first line of defence. Some weekends I’m not going out and spending money, so days might go by when I don’t open the Monzo app. Without push notifications, this could delay my taking action if there’s any funny business.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #15

That’s true. It’s Monzo’s cash which would be at risk, though, as they indemnify you against fraudulent use (or funny business, if you prefer😀).

This is why I doubt that Monzo will want to allow those notifications to be turned off. If a card it’s stolen, Monzo would want the user to freeze the card after the first fraudulent transaction if possible.

(Jack Donovan) #16

Is this actually a thing?

(Gareth) #17

(James Ellis) #18

Monzo already let’s the user turn push notifications off in their entirety, I just want the ability to turn off only contactless push notifications.

@HoldenCarver. The push notifications shouldn’t be viewed as a first of defence against fraud. Im guessing monzo already has algorithmic fraud detection which will spot card fraud straight much quicker than when a fraudster is using your card when you are asleep/not looking at your phone.

In my opinion the push notifications started off as being a great unique selling point for monzo, but they now need to be smarter as users as using a single solution for numerous problems.


An algorithm that can guess that a purchase made within your city, at a grocery store, under <£100? I would be surprised if they know you that well. Cloned details or online purchases I can imagine, but smaller scale is harder to spot.

It reminds me of this, one of the first blogs I ever read about Monzo.

(Toby Toller) #20

Out of interest, if you’re concerned about this:

Would you not be concerned about this: