New Pot Feature - auto transfer to match credit card transaction balance

New Pot feature request.

Link a pot to automatically transfer the required amount to match the daily balance of a specified non-Monzo credit card account that you have linked in your app.

The use case: purchases via credit cards with associated reward schemes (e.g. Amex and Avios points) are excellent, provided that you pay off the full balance every month to avoid the high associated interest costs. To ensure that you are putting aside the relevant funds to pay off that balance, a Monzo pot could track the daily balance and automatically transfer the relevant amount. Should there not be sufficient funds to transfer to required amount into the pot, there could be a notification that the pot transfer failed.


Hi. Welcome.

If you search this has been covered dozens of times.


Aw, you normally add the dozens of links for us :wink:


Hi @Revels

I have seen this brought up several times over the past few years, however, it still hasn’t yet become a standard ‘Pots Feature’… from what I can see there is an IFTTT route that works if you are an Android user.

My post is specifically to gain support/votes for Monzo app based solution (without the need for IFTTT) that works on all platforms (iOS, Android, ++).

Appreciate your support/votes too if you agree.

Many thanks.

Another topic won’t increase the chances, you’re much better off voting for one of the existing.

This one has the most votes


Thanks @Revels - I will like/vote for those too and hopefully it will get there in the end

It’s probably best to pick just the one to vote on.

This way you can consolidate as many votes as possible and signify to other people who come across them in the future which one they should vote on too.

Was hoping this might have evolved a bit by now… I can view my CC in my linked account, shame I can’t automate a process to move a CC transaction into a pot.

Seems the US version does have a process to do this but I think facilitated by a 3rd party App/Service.


Which service is that if you do not mind me asking?