Automatically moving credit card spend to a separate pot

Is it possible to set up a pot where my Amex spend is automatically transferred to a separate pot? That way I know how much money I actually have left to spend each month. I could also set up a virtual card to pay off my Amex with so it came directly from that pot.

My Amex is linked to Monzo (on iOS), so I’ve been transferring money out to a side pot manually, but would be great if it was automatic!

Any help would be appreciated!

It can be done via IFTTT, but it relies on:

  • an IFTTT recipe responding to a notification from the Amex app, and writing that to a Google spreadsheet
  • a second recipe that responds to new rows on the Google spreadsheet that tells Monzo to transfer the same amount to a specific pot

I’m not sure if the first bit will work with apple notifications, though. You’d need to check (or someone may have solved this already!)

Thank you for replying. As far as I can see it’s not possible to trigger IFTT for Amex notifications on iPhone.

I’ve searched back through previous topics, but all previous solutions seem to be based on the IFTT on android or are before plus/premium started so don’t take into account that Amex is now integrated to Monzo (to a certain extent at least).

I suspected as much. The problem is getting the fact that an Amex transaction has happened, the rest is easy(!).

I do hope now credit cards can be linked via Plus/Premium with full transactions shown that Monzo can further integrate and do this bit automatically, it’s the natural progression of that functionality really.

I hope so! Just being able to see my balance doesn’t really give me any added benefit, I can see my balance in the Amex app. It would be great for them to implement this as it would definitely make plus/premium more beneficial (for me at least!).

Can anyone from @Monzo comment on wether there’s any plans to implement this?

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