"Credit card" pot that subtracts from remaining budget

Hi there!

One thing that Monzo doesn’t seem to have at the moment that I personally would find really (REALLY) useful is something like a “Credit Card” pot.

This pot would act as a bills pot, however, when you pay into it the amount you pay in is subtracted from your total budget for the month! Meaning you can put money aside to pay off credit cards without having to transfer to an external bank to have it subtracted from my remaining budget. I’d much rather keep my money with Monzo than transfer to my old bank account just to get something like this functionality!

I’ll find the link but this came up a few years ago and is already possible with IFTTT but not natively.


If you don’t have budgets set, the left-to-spend accurately shows what is left after transferring amounts to any pot (the values in any/all pots are not counted as part of your balance or left-to-spend)

This is how I run Monzo, I don’t set budgets. So Summary shows me what i have or will actually spend - not what I’d like to spend.

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That would be great! Thank you Phil! My apologies I did a quick search but didn’t find anything.

If you’re on Android this should work for most cards, not just Amex:



Don’t find the budgeting or summary features useful any more, personally.

They definitely were to me a couple of years ago though.


That’s brilliant, cheers Richard!

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Yep same here, I used to live by the budget and summary tools, but having my spending going through my American Express is more important to me.

If future iterations of the connected accounts tool added the ability to categorise and budget using spending on other accounts too then I’d be straight back using summary.

Same here.

Apart from bills from pots, Monzo offers me nothing over any other of my current accounts at the moment.

Best advice ever