Credit Card transactions added to pots

So with the new addition of Amex to Monzo Plus it would be really cool if the transactions on our credit card feeds were taken out of our current account and into a pot where the direct debits are set up.


If I spend £2 on my Amex card, monzo puts £2 from my current account into my hidden Credit Card Repayments pot ready for the direct debit each month

Could this be something IFTTT could do or monzo could add onto the road map?

Would this feature help you?

Sounds like a good IFTTT function indeed

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They’re planning something


If you’re on Android this is already possible via IFTTT Pro. I posted instructions to Twitter but I don’t think I ever posted them here on the community so here they are.

First up make sure you have IFTTT installed on your phone, you can get it here:

Go to
Then Android Device > Notification received from specific app.
App Name: Google Play Services
Filter by notification keyword: with amex

Next up select Google Sheets > Add row to spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet Name: AMEX Transactions
Formatted Row: {{ReceivedAt}} ||| {{AppName}} ||| {{NotificationTitle}} ||| =REGEXEXTRACT("{{NotificationMessage}}", “£(\d+.\d\d)”)

Then save.

Go back to
Then Google Sheets > New row added to spreadsheet.
Find the AMEX Transactions sheet IFTTT just created by going to and paste in the spreadsheet URL.

Next select Monzo > Move money into a pot.
Pot: Select the pot you’d like money moved to.
Amount: {{ColumnD}}
Then hit save.

The final things to do are to make sure you get notifications from Google Pay. Go to Google Pay on your phone, select your American Express and make sure ‘Show all activity’ is ticked, then go to the app’s settings and make sure ‘Purchase notifications’ are switched on.

Then go to your Monzo app and make sure your Amex Direct Debit is set to come out of your designated American Express pot.

When you buy anything using your AMEX, even if it’s with the physical card rather than Google Pay the value will be added to the pot of your choice. The only thing to note is that you’ll need to make sure you dismiss each Google Pay notification. If you already have one notification and a second payment arrives, the second payment won’t be added to your pot.


I’m setting this up now. What a legend

It would be really cool for monzo to make this native via open banking too in the future but I imagine it would take a long time to develop

Yep if monzo did this out the box, and I could also get Amex included in budgeting then I might actually part with £5 a month.

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There is a way to do this on iOS weekly with AMEX and Pro (and you could perhaps do it without Pro and a few other IFTTT integrations).

I posted about it here:

Obviously native would be best but still


I do actually do this manually at the moment! So having this functionality would be really useful.

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Me too, million times easier if this was automatic!

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Likewise, this would be a great Plus feature

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Oddly enough, I’ve never done this and can’t imagine why I’d ever want to.

I guess I work with an ‘offset spending’ model where the money I spend on a card his month comes out of next months budget (when payment is due). I can’t put the money aside this month to pay off the card because I don’t have it yet.

I’ve done this for years and it works so well for me that I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Yeah @Feathers I use my Barclaycard for that but because my Amex is a charge card I have to clear the balance each month th

So I can only spend on my credit what I have in debit.

This is the way I use my Credit Cards as well, but if this was a feature I would reverse it and only spend what I had in “debit”.