Spend directly from Pots


I’d like to suggest a feature where you can spend directly from Pots without having to move the money back to the main account.

The Curve card has a feature whereby you can use the app to choose, which bank card you pay with, but paying with the single Curve card.

I’d love it if Monzo did a similar function, but without adding additional cards like Curve, instead using the Pots as the payment method up to the balance of the Pot and then withdrawing the rest from the main account if the transaction value is over the Pot value.

An example is that I currently have 4 Pots on my account for my food budget. Let’s say I’ve put £75 in to each of the 4 pots, one for each week. It would save me time having to transfer my grocery bill amount into the main account at the checkout before paying for the transaction or transferring the full £75 into the main account and then transferring the remaining amount back into the pot.


You can use IFTTT for a grocery pot or just use the budgeting functionality then you don’t need to move money back and forth between pots :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion.

I’d have a look at IFTTT and the applet for grocery shopping. You’re right that it will take grocery shopping from a dedicated pot, but in order to ensure I remain on budget, I didn’t want to keep all £300 in one pot as I risk over spending one week and then reducing my budget for the following weeks etc. This is why I split the £300 between the 4 pots to ensure i can’t spend more than the allocated money in the pot.

Great suggestion though, thanks. I’ll keep that in mind for other things and will look to build my own similar applets through IFTTT for stuff like Eating Out or Fuel.

Sounds like you’re asking for this then :slight_smile:

Great, thanks, voted for that one too :slight_smile:


Just bumped into this this week. At the end of this month I need to pay the balance on my holiday. Money is in the pot waiting. Scheduled the pot move and then the bank transfer. Summary then goes all red on me - your committed spend is more than your balance. I understand the general rationale for not including scheduled income and am a massive supporter of that. Being able to mark this transaction as coming from a pot would have been awesome.