Better use of credit card balance - automatically add credit card balance to pot

I have my credit card linked to Monzo and every few days I move money from my main balance to a custom credit card pot so they equal the same amount for when I need to pay the bill. This is useful because it moves money away so that my “left to spend” reflects my main Monzo balance and my credit card balance for the month. I have a few ideas/questions:

Are there any automation opportunities to do this for me and keep it up to date in real time?

Alternatively, can Monzo add functionality so that “left to spend” reflects both your credit card balance(s) and your main Monzo balance?

Another alternative, can Monzo use their predictive approach for variable direct debits to forecast what is likely to be the credit card bill when it comes out?

Thoughts on account integration: accounts/credit cards being linked is an underwhelming functionality at the moment. It would be great to use that data to produce better insight into my spending habits (integrating it into categories) or at least being able to use the balance to get a better grip on my overall budget for the month.

Benefit for Monzo: better confidence in and retention of their plus offering. Improvement in app engagement, especially if credit card categories is added. I don’t currently use them as the majority of my spend is done on a credit card.

Hi. Welcome.

If you have a search this is a common request and has been hinted it as something Monzo are looking at.