New Monzo help chat

Don’t worry, you’re doing it right.

How it works here is:

  1. Monzo release a new feature
  2. We complain and whine about it being unfinished
  3. Someone from the Coral Crew will pop in and either agree completely or tell us we’re using it wrong
  4. Someone from Monzo will be quietly lurking and making notes
  5. Monzo eventually make feature better
  6. Everybody leaves happy

I would also like chats to be grouped by issue, doesn’t matter how many cops are involved, just so that it’s easy to skim through history in that individual issue, and a second one about a different thing being in a new thread.


If old previous chats are being deleted with the move to the new system, it would be good if we could have the option to have old chat transcripts emailed (in fact it’d be nice to have that option in general)


This. Please stay at monzo forever!

I really don’t like chats being emailed, this is sensitive financial info and email is completely insecure in so many ways. Please provide an option to turn off if you do send emails.

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Definitely this. I have no worries about them being insecure, but they’re really, really annoying.

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I prefer the new system whereby all the chat is in one thread. It’s more relaxed like you’re talking to a friend on iMessage or what’s app. You wouldn’t start a new thread each time you talked to them?

As long as the thread is searchable/easy to skip to certain points, I don’t see the benefit in having it split. The old system made it difficult to distinguish what each thread was about, I also never knew if I should start a new one or pick up an old one if it was potentially related.

Although it doesn’t effect me, I can see why it’s disappointing users didn’t get to keep a copy of their chats when they moved to the new system. Sometimes chats were emailed to me afterwards, couldn’t that have been done here?

I’d prefer separate chats for separate issues. I do like that multiple COps can be in one chat, though - I’ve had one issue handed over to another and it got a bit difficult to keep track of.

Separate chats with brief titles that summarise the issue would be great, too.

But then again, I’ve not seen the new system as is. I also haven’t used the chat for ages.

  • It messes with tracking response & resolution times per case
  • It interrupts flow of discussing an ongoing issue and search/skim can be flawed tools
  • Users may report an issue is fixed, but they meant that issue, not the other one

But then I admit I don’t raise many issues so I’m indifferent.


I would prefer separate chats as I always saw them as tickets.


I am still on the old chat system, going to wait and see how the new one looks and work before passing any feedback. I think we should also remember this is going to be Work in Progress for some time same as with most features in the app.


On the new chat, every time I open it it seems to jump to a random point, rather than the latest message. Anyone else getting that?

I get that as well!

Glad it’s not just me!

Also, sometimes people might want follow up on a bug issue or similar that they reported previously to find out progress towards a fix, which would be difficult if there’s only one chat.


Yeap, same issue here too.

I’m also not a fan of all conversations in on thread, this isn’t WhatsApp or iMessage. Every time I reach out to support/COps, each ticket should be documented and shown separately.


Do they not have a support ticket system? I thought that was standard on all support systems. I mean the Project I’m working on for Oxford is literally digitising reading lists and we have one…

I have no idea, all the user sees is one long conversation thread, like it would see on iMessage.

That’s bizarre. From a triage perspective/finishing the query how do any of the support staff know which issues are finished and which ones aren’t. Wouldn’t it make sense that once the issue is dealt with, it is archived in a searchable manner(suitable title and metadata). Meaning if either the customer or Customer help need to find it again then they easily could…and each new issue is a new conversation.


I’m on the new system now.

Firstly - hats off to Monzo for building yet another system from the ground up.

Improvements for me would definitely be the addition of an average waiting time, and being able to separate out chats per issue. I also liked the little confirmations that Intercom gave you such as “not seen” and “seen” with the time stamps on both.


Definitely agree that there needs to be some kind of feedback.

There’s been a few posts here lately where people have mentioned not getting a response from Monzo and when you see the screenshots of them going “hello” serveral times and getting nothing back.

Unfortunately, when you call something chat or indeed live chat people expect it to be… well… live!

To be honest, with the day + response times from Monzo at the moment maybe it should just be called Message COps or something.