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we enjoy the last bit too, we’re working on it!


Just used Monzo chat for the first time after having an urgent query last night, support was excellent as always but the new chat experience is poor and it really frustrated me during it’s use:

  • When typing out a long message I had to switch to another app to find some details. Upon going back to the Monzo app my message had been deleted :frowning: . Ended up typing it out in the notes app and pasting it across.

  • I had to press the send button multiple times for the message to actually send.

  • The app crashed 3 times while using the chat, again had to retype what I was nearly done typing.

  • When clicking on the notification highlighting the cops reply it opens the Monzo app but doesn’t take me to the chat. I have to manually navigate to the chat history to view it.

The last thing I want are problems like above while I’m trying to sort out a problem :disappointed: . Hope Monzo fix these before rolling it out further.

The points below have already been highlighted above and are must have additions IMO:

  • No way to know if your message has been received or if there will be any acknowledgement until the Cop responds.

  • How long is the expected wait? Luckily it was less than 5 mins :smiley:

  • When starting a chat by clicking “There’s something wrong” button on a transaction it doesn’t reference the transaction on the users side, how do I know it’s showing cops the right one?

  • How do I send gifs? :smiley:

  • Timestamps :clock10:

  • Some sort of search?

In it’s current form I feel Intercom is far superior but I know Monzo chat will be fantastic once it’s ironed out. Hope you find the feedback useful.

Currently running the latest TF app.


I’m also experiencing this a lot :no_mouth:


I disagree with the sentiment regarding hats off to Monzo. They’ve re-invented the wheel and it’s worse. In other cases where they’ve done it there have been obvious benefits but from a user perspective this is a big step backwards.

My only gripe with the old solution was I couldn’t send a video of an issue I was having because it didn’t support video.


Really not keen on the new chat system. Have used it a few times and it’s a definite step back from Intercom.


It’s incredibly barebones at the moment. I’m assuming it will eventually get feature parity with Intercom - and then we can start seeing some of the cool features you couldn’t do with Intercom.

Has there been any discussion from Monzo what they want/hope to achieve from using their own chat system. And why they’re going down the continuous message route?

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Agreed. I’m not keen on the new chat system at all. It’s incredibly basic. The customer service and support is excellent every time I’ve used it however.


@brandscill @redshift @adztaylor @Hatticus I’m happy to explain why we’re moving towards an in-house built solution, and how this is a great step forward and not a reinvention of the wheel (a lot of people have also said that to us when we said we’d start a bank :blush:).

Our current solution is still very simple and not comparable with Intercom’s one (after all they’ve been doing this for some time and have a great team behind it), but as always we’re happy to get constructive feedback and iterate super fast based on it.

We’re putting a blog post out soon on this, if after that you’d like a bit more detail on our plans I’d super happy to give it here of course :raised_hands:


Thanks for the response! Will keep an eye out for the blog-post :slightly_smiling_face: A big issue for me is that IMO we should have a separate chat for each support ticket/request, rather than have everything in one place.


Look forward to the blog post.

What’s not great is you’ve forced this onto users way too early in my opinion. When you reinvented the wheel to make a new bank we chose to join that journey knowing what we were signing up for. This has been thrusted upon users and is a retrospective step from what we used to have. People contact support when they have problems and now the support contact method has become a problem itself.


I think part of the negative view people have of the new system could be related to the slow response times from COps lately. I know they’re unrelated, but not great timing!

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They should get the old chat back until they figure out how to make a new one better. If you update for something better, not worse…


Some improvements already coming through



Yes good I saw this too when updating my TestFlight app.

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