New Website? 👀

Looks like the website had a refresh?

Is this new? Or am I on some dodgy, broken version? :sob:

None of the menu items work :sob:

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You and me both mate… cant navigate anywhere

Been like that (new layout/visuals) for me since last week. Navigation OK too (laptop/Chrome)

Hey @michaelw90 and @jackhirst38 :wave:

Would you be able to give us a breakdown of what errors you’re receiving? Screen records if possible :pray:

Also if this is on device/laptop?
What site journey were you trying?
Have either of you tried on multiple devices?

I’ve flagged with the team and they’re keen to get this right.

I’m not really a fan of how you’ve laid out the navigation. It isn’t really clear that the products will appear when you hover over “personal” as it does just look like a way to switch between personal and business.

Having the menu separate, like Lloyds do, would make this clearer.

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I’m on Safari, on MacOS, the dropdown menu looks good, I get the hover effect for menu items, but clicking it - nothing happens at all! :sob:

I’m not sure a screen recording would help, as it’d show absolutely nothing changes when I click a menu item! :stuck_out_tongue:

@AlanDoe, hello

No errors but the in the account drop down, when you click max, perks or extra, it doesnt take you anywhere. It appears that none of the buttons on the drop down have any function. I am currently using a Win11 HP laptop.

Also as a side note, the new layout hasnt been implimented across the whole site. 1 example below;

Clicking a menu item, and I get errors in the console:

Turns out, I think you’re trying to track that I’ve clicked something, and therefore my ad-blocker/tracking-blocker kills it! (rightly so!).


Wow, thanks for flagging. Dodgey dealings.

It’s not anything dodgy lol, pretty much every marketing site will have tracking on it and the requests just get blocked by ad blockers if you have them installed. Nothing different to most sites you go on.

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Not dodgy, no - but shouldn’t break the site working! :joy:

It shouldn’t, no - this is why I always leave them on during development.

I still have the old site though so seems to be a phased rollout.

Ignoring the TunnelBear icon in the middle, UBlock and Privacy Badger report the usual blocks for, but the site still works OK (Chrome, Win11)
Screenshot 2024-04-30 132443

Website works perfectly fine for me, I noticed this new design the other day but didn’t realise it was new because it’s the first time I’ve gone to the website in years.

Cleared cookies and got the new site now.

Not seeing any issues with clicking any links either.

Looks like plenty of room on there for more types of accounts :eyes: interesting :face_with_monocle:

Hey everyone, I am one of the Product Designers at Monzo :wave:t2:. Thanks for all the feedback so far. I wanted to give a little bit of context and ask for some more feedback to help the team.

The Navigation is currently an A/B test as we are looking to improve our information architecture as we grow out new products and services.


  • Can I ask if there is any information that you’re currently struggling to locate?
  • Are any struggles consistent/different across both Desktop and Mobile experience?

Follow up:

  • Thank you for flagging the click issues @michaelw90. There looks like there was a bug on Safari so we’re working on a fix now.
  • @AlanDoe thanks for the flag we’re also working on a fix for the max, perks or extras fix.

Big thanks again, we’re lucky to get all this feedback so early on.
I will come back on the thread too with any additional information/changes we make off the back of feedback so know that I am all ears.


I know how much Monzo hate people contacting them easily… but I find it bizarre my bank don’t have “Help” or “Support” or anything as a top level menu item alongside Personal/Business. :eyes:


Definitely not our intention to hide it. When we ran some card-sorting activities we had participants place “Help” on the same hierarchy as Current accounts etc.

We also have different help and support pages depending if you are a personal or business customer so the intention here was to help funnel customers to the right place.


So, why not make support a dropdown, when you have it … just seems a bit weird to hide it completely. Especially on desktop when there’s S O M U C H S P A C E I N T H E N A V N O W