New look

Hi everyone!

It’s 2018 already - can you believe it? We’re getting into the new year’s spirit by giving a bit of love and a brand new lick of paint :art:


New features include:

  • More info on current account features
  • Recent Facebook reviews
  • A link to the Community with lots of happy smiling faces :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t see the new-look site? We’re testing it out, so you might need to open the homepage in an incognito / private browsing window.

Love it? Hate it? We’d love to hear your feedback!

Just let us know in the comments :memo:



Looking good!

You can also try holding Shift and pressing F5 on the keyboard if you cannot see the new version. This reloads your current page, ignoring cached content.

There’s no picture of you posing with a cardboard cut out of Shrek. This is frankly disappointing and a bit of a deal breaker for me.

That aside, it does look good actually.



I like that you’ve given Android Pay support it’s own rectangle, but don’t mention Apple Pay at all :wink: (While I get that you don’t want to state that you don’t support something, people may expect Apple Pay if Android Pay is listed as supported).


Interesting that customer amount isn’t celebrated anywhere :smiley:

Thought that 500k :tada: customers would be shouted about a little bit more :wink:

But looks awesome besides that little remark! Keep up the Monzo-ey goodness :monzo:

:crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed for a re-theme at some point :eyes:

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Images don’t look nice on a wide screen. They’re not adapting to the layout very well.


You’re missing a trick by not announcing a number of “industry firsts”, despite not being in a position to offer them any time soon. :wink:


I think it is a very fair representation of what is available now. Unfortunately there is not a lot there that would have me salivating to come on board.


Looks nice and simple.

I’m surprised there’s no mention of pots on the home page considering this was launched as “big, great new feature”?

Also… “quick and easy” overdrafts are mentioned on the “About” page, I wasn’t aware ODs were available to everyone now?


The mobile website doesn’t seem to have changed, with it being a mobile bank may be an idea! :blush:

We’ll be playing around with all of the features on the page to see what works best :slight_smile: Pots will definitely be one!

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I know this isn’t new but “University” as a footnote link made me think you were doing something special for students again.

Monzo/About still has a reference to the prepaid card

Is there still a deposit required for new accounts (£100?)?

I think it could do with another page to highlight the features of the account in more detail

Ditto. I think we’re going to have this as wall art in the office now. Shrek themed meeting room? :thinking:


The same paywall for both links.

a couple more feedback:

  • at first glance, the 4th step of the sign up process seemed more an error message than the coral card
  • as for Android Pay, it would be nice to have dedicated landing pages to go more in depth about other features
  • social proof is always good, but even if you link to the FB posts, integrating them in your UI might make them less “trustworthy” (similar to the “fake reviews” many sites use) -> why not using native FB embeds? you can still limit the length of the post to only show part of it.
  • for people browsing on desktop (especially if they are iOS user, as there is no option to remotely download the app): instead of the download app buttons it might be good to have a service that sends a link to download to a mobile number

ops, that trick doesn’t work anymore :frowning:

I would guess vetting comments? People won’t see Monzo’s replies.

Not sure whether it has been pointed out yet. But the times link is wrong on the updated website. It takes you to the Financial Times not The Times. image

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