Getting my premium card verified

I have received a new premium Monzo card and it will not let me verify the card for Apple Pay I have tried over 10x and it keeps telling me to try later . When I ring Monzo to verify the automated system tells me they cannot help over the phone anybody got any ideas ?

Have you activated the card in the app when you received it?

Have you tried adding it to Apple Pay via the app by clicking manage and then Add to Apple Wallet

Yes tried all those Monzo even sent me a notification after a couple off days to say the card was now ready to verify alas it still wouldn’t either through the App or Wallet

What error do you get? Where are you adding it?

I had this problem recently - I think removing the pending card entirely, then starting again allowed it to go through the In app verification bit.

I have never been able to add mine (or my previous normal Monzo card) to anything other than my phone. When adding to Macs or my iPad it always fails. Monzo blame Apple and say that Apple are aware of it, but point blank refuse to give any kind of reference that I can quote to Apple.

My solution is not not use Monzo for my day to day spending. I prefer that goes on my credit card anyhow.

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I had this, then just opened the Monzo app and it told me to confirm it - and it worked. Even though the only option is to ring when adding on Mac! :man_shrugging: I don’t get it either.