Card delivery

good afternoon.
please wonder if you have any problems with the delivery of my card. it is scheduled to arrive in March and so far I have not received the card thank you

All post is delayed at the moment due to the current pandemic. Expect to wait a little longer for all post and parcels, including from Monzo :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks

If it was due in March, I’d reach out to support & let them know it hasn’t arrived. They can then send you another one, and hopefully that’ll arrive. :slight_smile:


My new card took 3 weeks to arrive although that may have more to do with my postman’s ability to get mail to right address :smiley:

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Oh yeah, missed that part my apologies. This is the best advice to follow.


I opened a new joint account a week or so ago and there was no discernible delay in card delivery. Only took three or four days. If you’ve been waiting weeks, I’d flag it.

hey, i ordered my card on the 4th of june and my card was supposed to come on the 7th,
but its the 9th now so, how long on average should i wait any longer? because im in need of it. or should i ask for a new one to be delivered? i’ve already tried emailing monzo’s help centre but no response…

I’d wait until the end of the week myself, you can always send in-app chat a message and ask how long they suggest.

Considering there’s no post on a Saturday at the moment, I would say wait a little longer before you chase for a replacement.

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