Can't login!

Hi all!
I’m hoping for some help with a login issue!
I had my iPhone stolen on Saturday evening. I have a new phone but I can’t log in a my iCloud email even though I know my login details but it requires two step authentication - which is a code Apple sends to my stolen iPhone! Without that, and can’t log in.
I’ve had to go through the icloud recovery process to regain access but that’s going to take almost a week from today.
My Monzo account is linked to that email address and so I can’t login on my new phone. I’ve called monzo and they’ve said there’s nothing they can do. I can’t change my email, I can’t even transfer money from my pots to my account. So I’m having to borrow money and it’s really really frustrating.
I switched my main account to monzo and unfortunately ever since then I’ve been dogged with problems and this is just another one of those :frowning:
Please can any one provide any help if there’s anything I can try?
Thank you!

I’m afraid there’s nothing more you can do, since you lost access to the email.

Is the main issue that you can’t access email?

Can you not go to and access email there?

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Won’t Monzo let you change the email address on the account after going through some strict security with them?

If you request a new SIM from your carrier, you’ll be able to receive an Apple verification code via SMS. Carriers can normally do this in-store.

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Thanks guys. The number associated to my apple account is an old number so a replacement SIM won’t work.
Monzo said over the phone there’s nothing they can do, not even go through security and transfer money over.
If I login to it still asks for the verification code.

It’s ok, I know it’s an issue with Apple, and also me not updating my phone number with Apple. I think going forward I’m going to use my Gmail email!

I’ll eagerly wait until the evening of the 12th until I can get access to my emails.

Do you have any other verification numbers apart from that old mobile?

Clicking on the ‘Did not get verification code’ will show if anything else is connected.

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Surely you must be able to access your money after passing i.d. checks and then monzo could switch the email to a new one?

Did they say that wasn’t possible.

Thanks :slight_smile:
There’s an old debit card associated with my iTunes account and it was asking for the card number, expiry and 3 digit code but I don’t have the card so that means the period I have to wait is longer.

Yep, they said it’s not possible. The guy on the phone said they couldn’t do anything unless I can click the link in the email.

Surely that’s not legal, to not give you the money because of an email, if you can identify yourself.

But maybe to give you the money they would have to shut the account or something, because of a technical limitation.

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Hey Dan, I’m going to look into this for you - please bear with me.


All sorted :grinning:


Out of interest why can’t monzo change the email after providing i.d. when not logged in?

Could also be someone used a work or similar email that they no longer have access to.

We can.

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Oh so what was the issue if you can say,

Dan seemed to say they wouldn’t do it for him

Unfortunately I don’t think anyone from Monzo will be able to talk about specific cases, though if @Dannster wanted to comment, I’m sure he could.

But it seems like it’s been sorted now and Dan is back into the app however they did it! :monzo: :muscle:

That’s why I wrote “if you can say” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Well if it was some sort of different technical limitation then it isn’t a specific case is it.


Yeah, I can’t comment on specifics unfortunately but it’s all resolved and that’s the important thing :hot_coral_heart:

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Glad to hear it’s all sorted. I understand you can’t answer the previous question, so I hope you don’t think I’m asking the same one again. But can you say if this was:

  1. Something that COps should have been able to sort?
  2. If so, has any guidance or training been updated to clearly document this?

Asking from the point of view of someone who thinks the same situation could well arise in future, and so wondering if steps have been taken to try and ensure that next time the user won’t have to come to the forum for help.