✅ [iOS] App keeps making me log back in

Once every week or two I get thrown out of the app and have to log back in. Has been happening for about two months now and gets quite frustrating.

iOS 12.0
iPhone 6 Plus

You tried deleting and reinstalling the app?

Actually just did, but we’ll have to wait and see if it helped…


Check to see if your email isn’t compromised or if any forwarding rules have been added. It could be that an attacker is logging into your Monzo account (from receiving the login email) and this automatically logs you out.

I am getting this also. I imagined it was because I sometimes log in on my iPad and other times on my iPhone (5S) and that one was logging the other out. R-

Yeah, one device will log the other out


Except on different platforms. It’s per application so an Android app and an iOS one can coexist, but logging in on the same app on a different device will log the others out.


You imagine correctly. As @anon23935806 says, you can only be logged in on one Apple device at a time, so logging in on one will log you out on the other.

Hopefully the OP’s issue is the same.

Let’s hope Joel comes back to let us know. R-

Don’t worry I’m still alive…

Unfortunately I’m only using one instance of the app so it seems to be a different issue.

It’s been fine since I reinstalled yesterday but I’ll just have to wait and see


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Do you have two factor authentication turned on for your email address? Just in case there is any relation to someone logging in to your email elsewhere.

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Would be nice if Monzo had a login history where you can view all login attempts on your account. But why bother with security or usability when we can have tags instead? :roll_eyes: