New fees notification

This morning I got a notification about new fees due.

2 things to prevent that; set up a direct debit. And have income >500£.
Due to Covid I only meet one requirement. The Direct Debit. But December January and February I receive substantially less. Will this affect my fees? Or is there some leniency?

All you can do is ask Monzo themselves. I would like to think in the current circumstances they are being a bit more lenient.

But the fees only really impacts taking out large amounts of cash doesn’t it? And if you’re not earning as much, you’re unlikely to do that.


@revels is correct - it only applies to cash withdrawals and replacement cards. If you qualify (£500+ into your account at last once every 35 days and a direct debit set-up), then you can withdraw cash in the UK and EEA up to the value shown in the ‘ATM allowance’ section of the Account details.

My limit is ‘Unlimited’ for UK/EEA withdrawals and £600 for International withdrawals per 30 days with Plus/Premium on my almost-unused Personal account and also the same with our daily-driving Joint account:

If you don’t qualify, you can withdraw (UK/EEA) up to £250 per 30 days without charge, but you’ll be charged 3% of any amount beyond that £250 limit within the same 30 day period.

Full details:


There are two ways for you to not have to pay any fees.

Method one is to look after your card, and don’t withdraw more than £250 per 30 days.

Method two is to transfer money to another account, and transfer it back in. Repeat until you’ve transferred £500 in.


I hadn’t considered that one - nice :+1:


The moving around of money is a solution.
Will do that. Thanks
It is only for one more month.

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FYI a quote from the Monzo website when these fees were first announced says:

“We’ve put protections in place for our vulnerable customers too

We’re very conscious of not putting any more burden on our most vulnerable customers. If you tell us you’re in difficulty, we can exempt you from or refund these fees.“

So it might be better to reach out to them and ask rather than moving money around and back. (Which can look a bit like money laundering).


I’ve reached out to them. I was told that there would be a relevant support person available for me tomorrow. (In chat)


Coincidentally, I received the same notification today. I was sure I’d added £500 this month, but when I checked, it added up to £499.

I’m now faced with a choice of adding £1 to avoid fees that I won’t incur anyway, or feeling like a second class customer for a while.

same, more than £500 goes in, but it is the direct debit

what I have had to do is set giffgaff to take payment from paypal and then paypal to take payment from Monzo

so every week a set amount is transferred into goodybag, which then paypal takes payment from said goodybag

tbh, even if I did not meet the criteria, the fees would not be an issue, watch now, I’ll having to start paying fees because I will start to constantly lose the card or it keeps breaking…

I carry a bit of cash with me, but haven’t used actual cash in a while now, what with contactless payment and if over the limit, shove the card in, type in the pin, done and dusted…

although last month, it said I met the criteria, but now is saying if I do nothing from 14 Jan my allowances will drop, only thing that has not happened yet is the direct debit to come out, due to be paid in a few days time, but when I look at the schedule section, I have 4 subscriptions/direct debits, albeit only 1 is active every month, the other 3 are for credit cards

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