Since when did Monzo start charging for cash withdrawals in the UK?!

Took out some cash for a second hand item I purchased today. £320 incurred £2.70 of fees :confused:

Was there a policy change recently that I missed? - this feels like the least “challenger bank” thing I’ve seen from Monzo so far…

What ATM was it? Some do charge.

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Standard Monzo has a daily limit of £250. R-

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It seems the fee is from Monzo rather than the cash machine. I checked in the app:

Withdraw up to £250 cash in the UK and EEA every 30 days


If there’s a limit, it’s a limit, you wouldn’t get a fee for withdrawing more, you surely wouldn’t be able to withdraw that much. For that reason, I suspect the ATM is at fault.

Is there any messaging on the cash withdrawal transaction that reveals more detail, OP?

For reference, my cash withdrawal limit is £400.

Has this always been the case? - I’m sure I’ve withdrawn more before without a fee :frowning:


Scratch that, I clicked in and that’s my International ATM limit!!

For UK there is no limit.

The message on the cash withdrawal transaction:

You were charged a fee of £2.70 because you’re over your free ATM withdrawal allowance

Unless you don’t meet the conditions Monzo set down for your account being a main account, in which case they charge 3% for withdrawals over the limit.

October 2020, to answer the question in the topic.


This is very confusing. I shouldn’t try and investigate limits whilst I’m trying to finish an email! Ignore my comments, I’m bowing out!!


This is my allowances screen. R-


Blimey. Must be a machine operator charge then. R-

So to actually answer the question being asked here, they started on October 31st 2020. You will have received some communication about it at the time.

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If you touch “Learn more” it breaks the allowances down further, and if it says “unlimited” next to UK, the fee was charged by the machine and not by Monzo.

So £120 over the £200 wouldnt that be £3.60 with 3%?


Likely a maths fail on my part

The text at the bottom of their screenshot explains why they were charged. It was a Monzo fee.


Thanks - I had missed this. Hardly ever withdraw cash, probably the reason.

Disappointing in any case.

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Just adding my own screenshots to show why I asked the question:

Second screenshot applies to me that I have unlimited allowance so would be no fees. But I never withdraw cash, never mind cash near the limit, so would never be in a position to test this.

ETA subsequent replies would indicate that Monzo’s documentation is unclear and er, they know if :grimacing:


That wording is wrong. The limit is £250.

Monzo’s explanations in app for this stuff are confusing and contradictory. It’s been complained about before, and they’re definitely aware of it, and did claim to be going away to fix it. Nice to see they haven’t fulfilled their promise there.

The charge should have been £2.10 though.