Fee free allowances - 2024

What are the latest (2024) fee free allowances ? I was under the impression it was £500 every 35 days and one active direct debit. Cannot find anything online or in the app. Customer services in the app telling to look at direct debit panel but cannot direct me there

Frustrating as I keep getting told I will be downgraded even though customer service say both these criteria have been met.

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I got an alert today about it too but have met the requirements.

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When I spoke to an agent on the Monzo app chat, he told me that I needed two active direct debits to qualify. According to the link here Monzo Help - Understanding fees for using your Monzo card abroad it’s clearly one only.

After a bit to banter, he then confirmed he maid a mistake. But then like you, why does the app say otherwise and will be downgraded?

There is a specialist team in Monzo that deals with his. I have now been referred to them to resolve. Grrrr

Thanks. It’s a bit hidden but I can assume the section on main bank refers to the criteria. Shame it is not being acknowledged in the app.

It is in the app.

Multiple ways - best is help → search for limits → click “See Limits” quick link.

It’s not limits I am looking for. It’s the fee allowances. They are different.

The limits page - has a button called “learn more about atm fees” which lists them.

Or if you search help for “fees” and go to “what fees do monzo charge” … it’ll outline them there with a link to go to your fees & allowances page :smiling_face:

The banner in the app links to the allowances page, which says one direct debit and £500 in. Both of these I’ve met, but the warning hasn’t cleared.

Did you do both in the last 35 days?


If that was the case, you’d have higher limits :sob:

If you think it’s wrong. And follow the help article about fees there’s a link it to get your account manually reviewed to see if it’s accurate.

DO NOT reach out to support directly about it. Use the support article and flow

Found this page on the website. Fee information Took quite a bit to find

The support team for me on the app were not very helpful. Had to repeat myself a few times and I ended up calling Monzo instead. The agent there was much more helpful - he could see the chat too - and referred me to the specialist team to fix as it was clear I was eligible for the higher alllowance. Fee information

Yea. That’s why I said don’t contact support. :skull:

The “manual review my account limits” form linked from the in app help article will go direct to the specialist team.

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Thanks. Have found this and now I see what you mean. This sent a review to customer services and I await a response.

Why do these things get so buried ? :grinning: