Keep/Increase Allowances confusion

I keep getting messages saying my allowances will change. I suppose that should be “have changed” as the date referred to on the latest message mentions the 16th of February. I clicked on “keep allowances” before, and now I’m clicking on “increase allowances” but it’s the same; it tells me to have 2 free car deliveries per year and no fees on cash withdrawals I need to pay in some money every 35 days and set up a direct debit. Well, I have a direct debit, and I pay in money probably more frequently than that. Is their allowance system not working, or do I have to set up a second direct debit? And pay in more money each month?

Do you pay in more than £500 each month?

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It will also only charge you if you take out more than £250 in cash each month.

You need to pay in £500pm and have one active direct debit in order to have the enhanced fee free allowances. Or pay for Plus/Premium.

If you feel that the fees might cause you hardship, you can contact Monzo to make your case.

Ah. No. And I didn’t realise that the “Add money every 35 days” was a button which took me to a page which explained that. (Nothing on the Direct Debit link tells me that I’ve satisfied that part of the requirement - I have a monthly and an annual Direct Debit).

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Thanks. I can’t imagine ever paying for a current account; at least, not while there’s a million banks with free ones.

Not paying in enough or not having a direct debit doesn’t cost you directly.

You’ll have to pay a fee if you keep losing cards or you cake out more than £250 a month in cash. But if you’re not putting £500, you’re unlikely to take that amount out again in cash.

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