A sneak peek at an upcoming campaign for the new Monzo

Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m Paul, and I work in the product marketing team here at Monzo. I’m here to share a bit of background on some big announcements coming your way next week. We want you to always be the first to know what we’re up to, and we’re also keen to hear your feedback!

Big things are arriving soon!

Regular forum readers will know we’ve been gradually rolling out the new look for Monzo, Monzo 3.0, to new users and a small group of testers through our beta testing pool, Monzo Labs. Thanks to everyone who’s given us feedback (that thread has over 5,000 replies!).

Right now 100% of new Monzo users get this new layout. And starting next week, we’re turning it on for everyone else too.

At the same time, we’re also rolling out the much requested Bills Pots and shouting more about getting paid early with Monzo. With Bills Pots, Savings Pots, and a main spending account, we think we’re giving you the best banking experience out there – with all your money, neatly separated, but under one roof. We’ll also be adding new images for Pots, and a secret feature we haven’t even talked about yet! (Hint: it’s the perfect companion to Bills Pots and getting paid early).

Also, we’ll talk more about how Monzo is a safe place to put your money. We’ll talk about how we’re protected and regulated just like all the other banks, and point out some stats about how we’re best-in-class at keeping your money safe.

New app, new features, and a new story

Since our early days as a pre-paid card, we’ve built a reputation for giving an unprecedented feeling of control and visibility over day-to-day spending. Monzo users consistently tell us they love instant notifications, an easily digestible budget summary, and no hidden fees abroad. In short, users perceive us as a great way to spend.

But our mission has always been broader than that.

We set out to make money work for everyone. And we’ve been busy. Busy building the foundations of a secure, regulated bank. Busy building the new 3.0 version of our app. And busy developing new features that bring a feeling of control and visibility to all aspects of your financial life – saving, bills, income, and more.

We believe these changes give us a chance to tell the story of how far we’ve come in a really compelling way. Our hope is that we can convince you that Monzo has grown up from our prepaid card roots, blown past parity with legacy bank accounts, and is now, simply put, the best bank for all your money. We want to tempt you away from your old bank for good.

We’re tying the campaign together with the tagline: all your money, sorted. (That’s another clue to our secret feature, by the way.)

We’ll be running this campaign across all channels – email, the blog, organic and paid social marketing, PR – so expect to see a lot of it!

We want to involve you…

This is where you come in. First up: does this all make sense? Is it a consistent message that gets across what we’re all about now? What kind of impression would you have of Monzo from all this?

Secondly, are you using Bill Pots, the new nav, or Get Paid Early already? If so, what do you think? (To be entirely transparent, we’re always looking for snappy customer quotes that we can use in marketing. So if you’d like to shout about your favourite new feature, please go ahead!)

We’re really excited to announce this as the future of Monzo. And we hope you’re excited too!


So we don’t make monzo, monzo anymore?


Hey, thanks for flagging. The all your money, sorted tagline is just for this campaign. We love the You Make Monzo, Monzo tagline because it’s true - and we intend to keep using it where appropriate.

Our goal in this campaign is to convey that Monzo can help you with all aspects of your banking, not just your spending. Our hope is that this tagline does a better job. Definitely open to feedback on it! What do you think?


If you want to tell us the secret feature we might be able to make a more informed decision :eyes:

Worth a try :woman_shrugging:

I think the new one is a much more descriptive tagline


Potentially being able to see other accounts (other than credit cards) within Monzo?


“Invite friends to get paid earlier” locked feature unless you invite friend? As per screenshot

I suspect it’s reordering your pots.


I suspect the secret feature is being able to add anything that supports Open Banking to the app


That’s been talked about though

Also a good guess! :smiley:

That’s the current screen, so no change


Just making sure this includes business account holders?


It has but quite casually as something they’re going to do soon deep in other threads. It fits the two clues pots/sorting.

Hopefully it’s something more exciting though (sorry pot sorting)

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So available to everyone ?

Being able to set where your salary goes into ? Like when your salary comes in - it’ll automatically go into different pots that you’ve set up ? :thinking:


Feedback: don’t mention secret features on this forum or that is all that will be focused on! :rofl:


I really like the sound of this campaign.

Regarding our feedback - I’m not using Bills Pots but only because of a chain of events. Monzo didn’t offer a payment wristband, so I opened a Pingit account for my day-to-day spending, which left my main account free for Bills which is very convenient.

I’m not a huge fan of the new nav as it seems to include more steps and I feel like it’s lost clarity, but equally I don’t hate it. As a new customer it would be fine - I just sort of miss how simple it all used to seem. But it’s usable, it does everything I want.

I am using Get Paid Early. I’m now self-employed so didn’t think I’d make use of it any more, but I do have little payments coming in occasionally and it’s nice to get them as early as possible. Is it a necessary feature? Again, no. I could get by without it. But, it’s a nice thing to have and I’m happy that we do.

This all sounds surprisingly negative, given that I will tell you that I think that the Get Paid Early and Bills Pots features are fantastic. They don’t massively benefit me, but I think they’re great things that will really benefit others.


It must be to do with reordering pots and displaying your money with other providers all in monzo!


Yeah. It’s just a way of referring people if you want

The fact they talk about getting paid early and bill pots makes me think it’s automatic population of pots when salary hits. So you can add the right amount to your pots as soon as you’re paid automatically