New Customer not Receiving Card after 2 weeks

It’s been 2 weeks since I opened an account.

I’ve tried emailing Monzo multiple times throughout the past 2 weeks but so far no response as to why I HAVEN’T RECEIVE MY CARD. I cannot get hold of any customer service representative as there is no phone number and the app wants me to enter my card number WHICH I DID NOT RECEIVE YET.

I have now resorted to talking to someone on Twitter, however I do not feel comfortable sharing my personal info for my account as Twitter is not a secure place for sharing my personal information.

Does anyone know how I can get a hold of someone from Monzo?

Phone or email are your only options until your account is registered and opened. We’re all customers on here so can’t help I’m afraid.

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Do you have the phone number? I can’t find it anywhere

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@iansilversides thanks for sharing! is there a US number?

as they say google is your friend …

anything else I can find out for you ? :slight_smile:


@iansilversides thanks!


Let us know if it gets sorted!

And welcome to Monzo :slight_smile: