Card never came

I was white listed, went through the signup process at the beginning of December. Here we are Feb and I still haven’t received my card. I can’t contact anyone through the app because I’m locked out until I put in my 16 digit card number… which never arrived. There’s no “report a problem” or “contact us” within the locked out screen on the app, so that isn’t an option. I tried the website but I’m only sent through a knowledge base or FAQ page — no live chat, no email address, no phone number. And a lot of the solutions in the FAQs page like “my card never came” are UK-based. (My card isn’t being send through Royal Mail lol). I even @ them on Twitter. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. What the heck gives???

Try sending an email to

(It’s at the bottom of if you’re wondering where I found it)

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How come you found it so quick and over the span of 9 weeks I haven’t found it :(. Am I just always defaulted to the UK website or something?

Decades of internet search experience: I searched “monzo USA email” on Google and scrolled down the results ignoring all the UK pages, and spotted the USA page.

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you could try to contact them via Twitter PM, that works for me

Hey @Djandjandjan so sorry for the trouble here :pensive: As others have noted, you can reach out to our support email at should you need any help, and once you activate your card, the best way to get in touch with support is via the in-app chat.

We definitely appreciate this is really unclear before you’re able to activate your card, and making the app fully accessible before your card arrives is something we’re hoping to offer in the future. Once that happens, it should make this experience much better as you’ll be able to contact support in-app before your card arrives. We’re also looking to publish a USA-specific FAQ page soon, which should hopefully help clarify this for future customers.

I apologize your first experience wasn’t ideal and we really appreciate your feedback and patience during our Beta phase as we iron out issues like this. If there is anything else we can help with or anything that you’d like to see from us, just let us know.


I hope, but highly doubt I could get a Monzo USA bank account, using my Monzo UK account as verification