New customer - can't get beyond the 'Let's make it official' step

When clicking on ‘continue’ on this step I’m taken to the ‘Overdraft information’ step though I get a continuious spinner and then an error message that I’ve got a problem with my internet connection, though I haven’t as all other apps on my phone (and other devices) are connecting to the internet without an issue
Details to reproduce:
As per above
Pixel 4
App Version:
Latest as only just downloaded


I am having the same issue. Also with a Pixel 4 (XL if that makes a difference)

Hi Mark, here’s hoping a Monzo employee see this thread and can help with a fix .

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It’s unlikely as Monzo staff don’t frequent these forums, it’s mostly customers just like us.

The best way to resolve this is to call or email Monzo and I’m sure they’ll help you get to the bottom of it :slight_smile:

I just went into the google play store and searched for the app and there was an update available. I have installed it and now seem able to progress. Hope this helps you too.

Thanks Ordog, though issues seems to have fixed itself.

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Thanks Mark, I’ve done the same and seems to have fixed the issue.

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