New cards not working, August 2016

A quick post to say that unfortunately we have had some faulty cards produced, which have already been sent out to some of you. :flushed::see_no_evil:

The chip settings were configured incorrectly, which causes the cards to decline at chip and pin and contactless point of sale terminals and at ATMs. The failure in the app will show as ‘contactless failure’. If you have received a new Beta card or replacement Beta card in the last few days and you experience these issues, please order a replacement card in the app (or get in touch with customer support who will be able to do this for you) and we will send you a new card. :postbox:

I am really sorry for the inconvenience, and also for the fact that it may lock up £100 of your money for another few days. Hopefully the new cards will arrive quickly.

I appreciate your patience and continued support as we resolve the issue. :mondo: :heart_eyes:


My so glad this never happened to me. As a disabled person on a fixed income £100 missing for 3 to 5 days may send me too a food bank lol. Or to use my credit card… Maybe some good will is appropriate for those worst affect if they can supply proof of crisis. IE bank statement ect… The one thing I like about nationwide & Natwest if is they have an error they compensate you. £50 is Natwests standard complaint resolution payout . Though I had more once when Natwest went down Nationally. Nationwide pay a standard £20 to £50 depending on seriousness. Goes to show though that even the huge banks make bad errors too. :+1: