Card Damaged

For some reason, all the cards in my wallet are rusting (as in the chips). I think it may be something to do with the inside of my wallet but anyway that’s another story. My issue is, I’ve been having some issues using the card chip & pin and I need to order a replacement; but the options in the app are lost, stolen or asked by customer service. I know I’m probably going to need to contact customer service to get a new one ordered, but it might be useful to have a ‘damaged’ option on the replacement card screen. Thoughts?

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A damage option would be good assuming it kept the card active until the new card arrives as lost and stolen blocks the card instantly

Agree. Discovered same issue at numerous other banks too

Other banks should allow you to order a replacement card with your current card working. Well NatWest, TSB, FD (assuming HSBC group too), AMEX all do.

Update: I contacted in-app support and within 20 minutes I was told to go ahead and order a new card using the ‘asked by customer service’ option. This enables you to keep your card active whilst you’re waiting for the new one to arrive. It would be good, however, to have the ‘damaged’ option there so you don’t always have to go through customer service.

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