New Cards & Environmental Impact

With the introduction of Monzo Plus, there seems to be a lot of hype around the opportunity to get new cards sent out - as with when a funding round closes and new investors are entitled to a replacement.

I feel this encourages people to throw away cards unnecessarily, especially as it’s so easy to order a replacement, and wondered if you could either clarify how you make the new card process sustainable or make people more aware of the environmental impact of getting that new card right away.

I became an investor in the December funding round, but my card doesn’t expire until 2021 and it seems a waste to bin it and replace it.


I feel the same . Also loads of people change their mind about card colours and ask for replacements


This is especially annoying as most of us use Apple Pay / Google Pay nowadays and barely take out our physical cards from our wallet :frowning:

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While this applies to me, I did see someone yesterday use chip & PIN with a contactless card, on a contactless reader, for a £17 transaction.

I’ve seen only 1 person use either Apple or google pay in shops here

On the rare occasions I am in central London, that’s when I see Apple/Google Pay being used more frequently.

Other than that, it’s very rare, myself included.

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Perhaps validating their card before contact less is enabled?

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I see people use chip and PIN more than expected as well

Maybe some cards do not have contactless?

Maybe some people really take a long time to adjust to change?

Who knows

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Got someone at work to sign up the other day and she was very excited as it was the first time she had a contactless card. Another friend of mine refuses to use contactless as she doesn’t trust it

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And does she have a non contactless card?

It is at its safest when you are using it deliberately :slight_smile:

Nope, accidentally it took a contactless payment once when she went to put it in the machine. She was furious :joy:

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There’s no arguing with some people!

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I totally agree… but then again I prioritise not generating more waste over having a new colourful bit of plastic I use once a day…


I’ve previously worked in the banking industry for over ten years and believe me, you think some financial institutions are slow to change, there is a large swathe of clients who will just refuse to change.

The current company I work for is an investment platform. We have just completed a 6 year update of our backend systems and front end services. During that time we slowly migrated people from an old log in method, to a new more secure one. Added a bunch of features. Removed others. And 3 years on we still get hundreds of complaints about people wanting the old system back, when by all accounts it was slower, more difficult, less flexible, and looked terrible in comparison to so much else out there.

The banking system is just the same, some people just hate change and some even refuse to trust or embrace new technology.

So I don’t see plastic cards ever going away anytime soon, particularly when we still get people wanting to use paper applications and cheques, never mind apple or google pay.


Sometimes I stick the card in without thinking, just like sometimes I forget that I can’t tap it for a transaction over £30.

I must be in the minority on here, but I always choose to pay by card rather than Apple Pay. I only ever use Apple Pay if I’ve left my card at home…


I don’t have the facility to use Apple Pay myself, although I probably would use it most of the time if I did. I do use my card a lot, but it’s more the fact that I don’t think Monzo should be encouraging replacing them as much as they do. When I get a card from Barclays, I know that I’ll keep that card for the full 4 years it’s valid for - whereas I could have had about 6 over the last 18 months with Monzo.

It’s preferences end of the day. I mostly use my Apple Pay but my petrol pump doesn’t support contactless payment . I still have to use pin and chip . Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Minority but not the only one that does this.