Non-plastic Bank Cards

Not sure if this is possible - but would be awesome if you could make bank cards out of metal/bamboo or another more sustainable material. I have seen other banks offering metal cards, but primarily because they are trying to offer a “premium” product.

I know debit cards are not single use but I imagine the 30+ I have got through so far in my life are still in landfill somewhere.

I like this idea!

I literally just posted on a similar vein:

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Very nice idea.

My girlfriend and I have gone through two in the space of 9months upgrading to :heavy_plus_sign:. I’m about to replace my card too as it’s poor quality.

I wonder what the difference in unit cost is of producing a metal/bamboo card vs plastic

In all the other threads on metal cards we’ve looked into the possible environmental impact and i think they come off worse, certainly in terms of energy requirements to produce etc.


Could be cool if Monzo could offer the option to not order a bank card when signing up or when you’re due a new card (expired, damaged, new design etc). That way if you’re someone (including me), who only uses mobile payments, then you don’t need to worry about the card :man_shrugging:t2:


I can see how metal is energy intensive and therefore not much better. Something like bamboo could be interesting. The unit cost of a bamboo toothbrush is not much more than $0.10 bought wholesale.

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I’d probably want it to be recycled plastics before using bamboo. Although bamboo is strong and resistant to a lot of things for a card that’s suppose to last a few years, it can fall apart or break easier, however getting chip details between bamboo would an interesting process :thinking:

Overall though something like I mentioned above where they give an option to not have a physical card or a partnership with a company like Parley to used recycled plastics in a card would be more beneficial so in the mean time we’re not using new resources but breaking down and recycle the waste that is already present :earth_asia:

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I still want a lead card:

Or one made out of bacon :bacon: , I’m not fussy :smiley:


Same for me too.

By harvesting more bamboo you’re just shifting the same “destructiveness” problem elsewhere.


yep, exactly

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Or a contactless card made out of RFID resistant material to stop the skimmers! Why hasn’t anyone thought of that before? :thinking:


Gosh don’t you know by now how much the meat industry pollutes the world, sheesh :wink:

Or cards that are dissolvable in water.

  • If you drop your card chances are it will dissolve before anyone finds it.
  • Being mugged? Stick it in your mouth to destroy it.

I amaze myself sometimes with my genius :innocent: :laughing:


Maybe lace them with Vitamin C so it adds nutritional value to the mugging experience.

Negatives - trauma from mugging
Positives - avoided scurvy


Is the premise with bamboo not that it can be regrown incredibly quickly and is biodegradable? Less destructing, more harvesting.

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And doesn’t require pesticides to grow

I now want a bamboo card. It might attract wild Panda’s to gather round my purse as well :panda_face:


alternative solution to the mugging issues?


(Requesting new card)
(Card damaged)
“Details of damage?”

(Slow typing)


You mean like Revolut do? :slight_smile:

Every time that panda got close to a contactless terminal (as pandas are prone to do) it would end up paying for other people’s shopping

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