Recycled, sustainable metal Monzo Cards!


I’m new to the Monzo community but have been a Beta user since 2017!

I love this bank and the way it’s constantly pushing further into the market with fresh and innovative ideas.

I myself have some ideas for the new Monzo metal cards for when they are eventually produced.

I have two ideas:

  1. A standard black metal card made from recycled metal (sustainable and environmentally friendly) simply called ‘Monzo Black’. Black metal is sleek and stylish, with an exclusive feel.

  2. (My preferred idea of the two) produce a 100% recycled metal card green in colour, appropriately named ‘Monzo Green’.

I think also we could maybe create ‘Monzo Green’ as a plus account that costs £8 instead of a the regular £6, with the extra £2 going towards a charity/organisation that plants trees every time a new member signs up to the “project”.

I feel my ideas are quite relevant, especially with the way things are currently going with the environment.

Save the planet with Monzo Green :evergreen_tree: :leaves: :earth_americas:

Let me know what you think ! :grinning:

Additional: I have now been made aware that the metal cards would cost extra when signing up to Monzo Plus, but you get the gist of my concept. It can be tweaked to work for all parties, like using 100% recycled plastic to create the contactless feature? :blush: :green_heart:

I’m not sure if you’ve seen but the metal cards look set to cost an extra £7.50 on top of your £6 plus subscription.

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I haven’t! Thank you for the information on that :blush: I still feel it’ll be relevant with the concept though! Hope you agree :green_heart:

There’s a little flaw in your design.

The recycled metal card will need some plastic in order for contactless to work.

If the plastic used was 100% recycled then of course it is all still possible :blush:

What if the recycling has a bigger carbon footprint then using non-recycled?

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Of course you have to take that into consideration :blush: recycling is only beneficial in tackling climate change if the process emits less greenhouse gas than would be emitted otherwise.

That factor would have to be researched thoroughly beforehand.