New card without the contactless logo

I rec’d a new Monzo card and it doesn’t have the contactless logo on it? Does that mean I cannot use it for contactless payments any more? My old card had the logo and worked with contactless?

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You can still use it for contactless don’t worry :slight_smile:

I don’t think it’s a requirement to show the logo anymore as it’s kind of a given these days - could be wrong though but I’m certain that they can still be used to pay via contactless regardless. Plus it makes the cards a little cleaner and less cluttered :raised_hands:


I received a new card yesterday. It has the contactless symbol on the back. But either way, yes, as @Ordog said, your card will work as expected.


can you show a pic, without showing card numbers

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It should be on the back :+1:t3:


do you have plus, cos its on front on other card

You are correct :smile:
The contactless logo is now on the back of the card.


Don’t forget to hold it the right way up when you buy something :wink:

And we wonder why chat is hidden! :rofl: :rofl:


Will it work if it is inside out :thinking::crazy_face::rofl:

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I heard if you drill a hole through the antenna you get free purchases for life :thinking:

Not true I am afraid as I tried it and it took the money out of my account for the purchases. I then proceeded to glue my old card and my new card together and I discovered you get everything half price if you do that :crazy_face::smile:

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